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Layered Stamping: Add Dimension To Your Cardfronts

Layered Stamping: Add Dimension To Your Cardfronts

Love stamping, but looking for a quick and easy way to add a little extra dimension to flat designs? Louise Dunbar has the perfect layered stamping hack right here! This simple yet effective approach to creating card fronts that pack a little extra punch is a great way to bring your stamp sets to life – and it’s easy to achieve in just a few simple steps! Check out Louise’s step-by-step layered stamping project below, and have a play around with your own stamp collection to see what you could produce…

Layered Stamping Project:

Time to Make: 1 hour
Skill Level: beginner

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Layered stamping project image

Take your black cardstock, and trim to create your mats. Trim 1 piece to 5 ¾’’ x 5 ¾’’, and another piece to 4 ¾’’ x 4 ¾’’.  Then trim two pieces of white cardstock, one to 5 ½’’x 5 ½’’ and another to 4 ½’’x 4 ½’’.

Step 2:

Layered stamping project image

Take the two white cardstock pieces and lay the smaller piece on top of the larger piece.  You can layer this up however you like, either square on, or at a jaunty angle, just be cautious that you will need to line it up again when attaching it to your card front!  Secure the corners in place to save them moving around during the stamping process.

Now stamp out your sentiment and your chosen stamp design onto opposite corners.  Make sure you overlap the dog slightly, so the image is transferred across both pieces of cardstock.

Step 3:

Now fill in the white space around the sentiment and large stamp design with some smaller embellishment stamps, ensuring to stamp your designs across both pieces of cardstock.

When you’re happy with how it looks, you can colour in your images!

Step 4:

Now take away the top piece of cardstock, and you’ll see that you have some of the images on the bottom piece where we’ve over-stamped.

Step 5:

Mat and layer your stamped pieces onto the black cardstock.  Attached the larger layered piece onto your card front with double sided tape or glue.  Then add some 3D foam pads to the reverse side of the top layer, line it up so the stamped images match up underneath them, then pop down into place.

And there you have it – a gorgeous layered stamp design, that really packs a punch!

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