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Layered Papercut Art: Create Your Own With Our Free Templates!

Layered Papercut Art: Create Your Own With Our Free Templates!

Layered papercut art is all the rage right now – and not only is it truly beautiful to look at… but it can be incredibly relaxing to try your hand at, too! All you really need to get started is a selection of coloured papers, some adhesive, and your trusty cutting knife and craft mat. If you’ve never so much as picked up a craft knife before, don’t fret – the fabulous Carla Bagshaw is here with her latest step-by-step tutorial, to guide you through exactly how to create your very own layered papercut lake. No idea where to start? We’ve got you covered with a full set of free printable templates!

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Time it Takes to Make: 2 Hours

Skill level: Beginner (18 yrs + due to sharp craft blades)

You Will Need:

Paper cutting tutorial image

Create Your Own Layered Papercut Art Project:

These layered papercuts are so simple to make, and look so complex and wonderful when finished. I have created the template for you, so all you need to do is cut away!

Step 1:

Layered papercut art tutorial image

Print out all four template sheets; each one will become a layer of your papercut. Place the template over your first sheet of paper stock. The top layer template should be placed on your lightest piece of paper stock; in my instance this was on white. Lightly tape down the two layers so they don’t slip.

Paper cutting tutorial image

Step 2:

Make sure you have a new blade in your craft knife; it needs to be sharp. Please be aware that as paper blunts your blades quickly, you will need to change your blade frequently through the process (as it blunts it becomes harder to cut, and the paper can tear). The thicker the card, the quicker your blade will blunt, and you are already cutting through two sheets at once.

Cut around the white lines in the template so that you are cutting away the grey and leaving only the white. The ‘reeds’ have super slim stems, so be slow and cautious when cutting these; you can cut slightly away from the white to make thicker stems if that is easier.

The templates are printed in reverse, so when you have cut away all of the grey and removed your template sheet, you can turn your paper stock over to reveal the correct side.

Step 3:

Layered papercut art tutorial image

Repeat Step 2 on all the other template sheets, working your way through the colours from light to dark (Top Layer = lightest, layer 2 is a shade darker, and so on). Finally, follow the same step but this time just cut the two fish shapes on the orange paper.

Step 4:

Paper cutting tutorial image

Now that all four templates are cut and have been flipped over the correct way, you can begin to layer them on top of each other. Start with layer 4 (the darkest of the four) and place it on top of your, so far unused, sheet of darkest paper and stick it down.

Place layer 3 on top of layer 4, checking that they are the correct way around. When you are satisfied, you can place foam sticky dots to the underside of layer 3 (not on the reeds). Place it onto layer 4 and press down. Continue with the other layers.

Layered papercut art tutorial image

Paper cutting tutorial imageFinally, take the two orange fish and place sticky foam pads on them. Carefully stick them to the fish outlines.

Layered papercut art tutorial image

TOP TIP: Double up the foam pads (stacking two) to create extra height and a more dramatic effect.

Step 5:

Paper cutting tutorial image

Frame the finished piece in a deep box frame (they look even nicer with a mount, too!)

And there you have it – you now own your own stunning piece of layered papercut art – and the best part is, you created it yourself!

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