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Did You Know That Screen Sensation Isn’t Just For Fabric?

Did You Know That Screen Sensation Isn’t Just For Fabric?

When I first received the Screen Sensation Kit I was filled with ideas about creating my own fabric bags… but as soon as I laid eyes on the screens, I realised just how many creative possibilities lay before me. Because the screens can be used like stencils, they make adding designs to a wealth of crafts so easy – including card!

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Begin by experimenting with the airbrush to ensure your chosen medium flows through freely. Next, take a piece of plain white card, and place it on a flat work surface. Place your chosen screen over the top of the paper, and gently spray the pink colouring over the areas of the stencil featuring the rosebuds.

Step 2:

Next, prepare your airbrush tool with a green colour mix (I used 3 drops of green colouring to 1 drop of brown colouring to create the ideal shade) and, holding the airbrush approximately 2 inches away from the screen, spray over the rest of the screen design.

Step 3:

Using a fine pair of scissors, cut out the roses and leaves so you can use them as embellishments.  You can add extra detailing to the rosebuds using a pen, or by carefully applying more pink colouring using your airbrushing tool held very close to the surface of the card. Do the same with the leaves using the green and brown colour mix; begin airbrushing from the base of the leaf in an outward motion, to create vein-like lines.

Step 4:

Take another piece of A4 hammered card, and place your roses atop it so you can visualise whereabouts you want to secure them; try to arrange them to form a semi-frame, so you can add a bespoke sentiment to your design at the end!

Step 5:

Now remove the roses for the time being, and use a mesh stencil to apply a stylish coloured background to your piece of hammered card.  I have used the same green/brown mix to airbrush this design around the edges of the card, to create a frame.

Step 6:

Once this is dry, you can begin adding the roses and leaves. Do this using small foam pads to add a little dimension to the flowers, and use your fingertips to curl the edges of the leaves slightly for added depth.

Tip: Vary the number of layered foam pads you use to adhere each rose, so that some roses are higher than others.

Step 7:

Using a die cutting machine, I then cut a butterfly, some daisies and some trailing fern from cream hammered card. You can add colour to your fern using the green colour mix and your airbrush tool, but I recommend hand-painting  the delicate daisies for an accurate finish. I left the butterfly plain to provide a contrast when placed atop the pink roses, and think this works beautifully!

Step 8:

Use foam pads once again to place your die-cut details amongst the roses and leaves, and complete your own card by adding your chosen personalised message.  You could do this using a sentiment stamp, a die-cut sentiment of your choice, or even hand-writing something in beautiful ink. Why not place your completed design in a box frame to turn it into a charming bespoke gift?

Lisa at Create & Craft