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Learning at Home: Make Kids’ Reading Practice Fun!

Learning at Home: Make Kids’ Reading Practice Fun!

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Reading is such a fantastic pastime to while away an afternoon with – which is why it’s so important to help little ones develop a love of reading at an early age. If you’re struggling to keep your kids’ reading practice fun and engaging, then why not try out this simple yet effective craft idea? Allow your child to spend time creating their own special reading pointer that they can use with their favourite books to make reading easier, and more enjoyable whilst you learn together!

DIY Reading Pointers for Kids’ Reading Practice:

Tracking as you read is a really important skill to grasp when it comes to developing those all-important literacy skills. For reading beginners, tracking using a finger or a pointer enables them to stay focused, before they can start tracking with just their eyes alone. Not only does it make staying on track easy for them – but it makes helping them out easier for you too, as you’ll always be able to see which word they’re stuck on, when they need a little assistance!

You Will Need:

Step 1:

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Grab yourself a selection of lolly sticks and challenge your little one to create some eye-catching reading pointers to keep their reading on track. It’s a great way to have a little creative fun together – plus they’ll be so excited to use their new creation, that reading time will no longer be a chore!

Step 2:

Kids reading practise pointer tutorial step

An easy way to add instant character is with washi tape! Cut it into smaller pieces to add stripes, or larger sections, of eye-catching print. Make sure you know which end is the ‘pointy end’ too, by adding a dazzling embellishment!

Step 3:

Kids reading practise pointer tutorial step

Why stop at making just one reading pointer? Make enough so that you can keep a few spare, or keep them in different places around the home, so there’s always one to hand. Add character and fun with googly eyes!

Step 4:

Kids reading practise pointer tutorial step

Now your project is complete, it’s time for your kids to embrace reading practice, with their awesome new invention. Grab their favourite book and one of their handmade reading pointers, and cuddle up together to get lost in a story.

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