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Chick Out This Crafty Kids Easter Project [+ Downloadable Template]

Chick Out This Crafty Kids Easter Project [+ Downloadable Template]

Looking for fun and easy ways to keep the kids entertained this Easter? This fantastic Easter papercraft project is a great one for the children to get stuck into! Allow them to choose their own colourful papers to create this adorable Easter chick who will sit happily atop the windowsill once complete! Check out Sarah Jackman-Read’s instructions below, along with a handy list of everything you’ll need – plus a printable template!

Keep the kids entertained this Easter holiday with this super-fun Easter chick card. There’s a template provided to make cutting the perfect shape easy, and each card is made using just a sheet of 12 x 12” cardstock – so they can make one for each of their friends!

You Will Need:

Easter Chick Card Instructions:

Step 1:


Use the template provided to draw two bodies, two feet and a beak on your chosen coloured cardstock. Make a 10 x 13cm top-folding base card from the remaining cardstock. Cut out one body and attach to the back of the base card.

Step 2:

Cover the back of the other body with your chosen paper, then cut out. Cover the back of the beak with contrasting paper, cut and score, then attach to the top of the body, as well as two black buttons for eyes, to create a face.

Step 3:

Trim strips of pretty papers, glue underneath the face then trim along the edges. Attach the decorated body to the front of the base card.

Step 4:

Choose a die-cut bow, fold and glue it together, then attach under the face. Add a resin flower in the centre of the bow, then use stickers or stamps underneath to add your chosen sentiment.

Step 5:

Trim two strips of paper 1.5 x 28cm then glue the end of each one together face-down at right angles to one another. Fold the underneath strip over the top one, then repeat until both strips form an accordion.

Step 6:

Repeat the process with two more strips of paper so you have two legs. Cover then cut out two feet, and add brads to each toe. Attach the feet to the ends of each accordion leg, then attach towards the bottom of the card to finish.

Wouldn’t this little guy look fab sitting on the windowsill this Easter? An impressive-looking project, this gorgeous Easter chick card is perfect for younger crafters to have a go at. Are there any crafty little ones in your house, who’ll be giving this project a go? Let us know in the comments!

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