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Julie Peasgood’s Pincushion Birthday Cupcakes

Julie Peasgood’s Pincushion Birthday Cupcakes

“When I first started thinking how best to celebrate Create and Craft‘s Birthday, I wanted to make a cake – but obviously not the amazing kind that the fabulous Mich Turner does, better than anyone! Instead, I came up with the idea of Pincushion Birthday Cupcakes. All of them are made with the toe part of new socks and from odds and ends in my multifarious crafting drawers! (Fluffy bed socks work best, by the way!)” – Julie Peasgood

Introducing… Pincushion Birthday Cupcakes!

These Pincushion Birthday Cupcakes are so quick and easy to make (and far easier than the cooked variety!). Plus, if you don’t have any proper filling, you can cut open an old pillowcase, spray the contents with a whiff of fabric (or even air) freshener and you’re good to go with your own recycled stuffing. It’s free – and very much the Crafty Beggars ethos! – Julie xx

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