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Bead Selections You Need to Know About

Bead Selections You Need to Know About

This week, we would like to draw your attention to the fantastic jewellery-making essential that is… beads! Beading is such a beautiful and therapeutic craft – not only does it give you the time to sit and create, but at the end of an afternoon in the craft room, you’ll walk out with a stunning piece of jewellery or two! And the beauty of creating your own jewellery, is that you can create bespoke pieces to suit your style perfectly! Need a choker to go with that party dress? Create your own! Check out our gorgeous selection of beading kits below, and be inspired!

Beading Kits: Our Top Picks…

1. Semi-Precious Gem Stone Chips

Feel a little closer to Mother Nature with semi-precious stone chips.

2. Natura Madera Beads

Wooden beads exude bohemian style, offering colourful, organic, and folk-inspired fashion.

3. Rose Beads

Florals never go out of fashion — so neither will these colourful rose beads

4. Double Trouble Czech Glass Beads

Czech glass beads are renowned for impressive craftsmanship. Just look at these beauties!

5. Round Miracle Beads

These miracle beads are loud and proud, promising to add vibrancy and flair to projects.

6. Solaris and Pearl Designer Beads

An awe-inspiring combination of matte-finish solaris lentils and ovals, plus shiny glass pearls.

7. Czech Fire Polished Beads

Czech fire polished beads are, quite literally, heated by fire for an almost glowing finish.

8. TotallyBeads Hematite Cubic Jewellery Beads

These bold cubic beads produce a distinct look in jewellery. Turn heads with these stunning hematite cubic beads!

10. Size 11 Seed Beads

This old reliable ALWAYS needs a mention in our best bead lists! Check out one of our crafty projects you can create using seed beads at the bottom of this post!

11. Small Lucite Leaves

Get all autumnal with delicate lucite leaves in moody hues. They’re rather novel — we like!

What To Do With Your Beading Kits…

At Create and Craft, we feel super-lucky to not only have endless supplies of beautiful beads at our fingertips, but also the lovely and incredibly talented jewellery-making expert, Sarah Millsop, on-hand to share exactly how to make the most of them! Check out our pick of Sarah’s fantastic step-by-step beading tutorials below, or view them all on the blog right here.

Cubic Right Angle Weave Bracelet:

What is ‘CRAW’ you ask? Well, for those of you who may be new to the world of jewellery-making, there are many beading terms that are shortened in patterns and written projects. CRAW actually stands for Cubic Right Angle Weave! With this particular technique, it means that each time we create a length of jewellery, it is a three-dimensional cube. So now we’ve explained the beading term CRAW, we’ thought you ought to see it in action! The lovely Sarah Millsop has created a beautiful CRAW bracelet, and the cubic right angle weave beading tutorial is right here… enjoy!

Macrame Friendship Bracelets:

Want to make these super-cute friendship bracelets for all the special people in your life? Check out Sarah’s Friendship Bracelet Tutorial, and discover how she uses ‘square knots’ to complete these beaded beauties! There are so many different knots to use in macramé, but this is a great place to start and get used to the techniques. If you do not have a macramé board, you can use a clipboard of even an over turned box lid to help secure your work whilst knotting!

Beaded Garden Wind Chime:

That’s right – beads are not just for jewellery-making! Crafting for the home is a fantastic way to combine one of your favourite hobbies with making your home a prettier place to be! Here, Sarah takes a little break from the usual necklaces and bracelets to show you how to create this gorgeous handmade wind chime – and we think it’s simply stunning!  You could incorporate your own leftover beads, and follow Sarah’s step-by-step tutorial video to create your very own wind chime to hang in the garden this summer!

Seed Bead Earrings:

Seed beads – they may be tiny, but they pack a mighty punch when it comes to jewellery-making! Why? The size of these fantastic little beads makes them so versatile when it comes to designing your own jewellery. These beads can be gathered to produce a multitude of shapes and designs, as you’ll see in this fantastic beaded earring tutorial! Here, Sarah takes you step-by-step through producing your own incredible heart-shaped earrings.

Want to see more of Sarah’s Clever ideas on how to put your beading supplies to good use? Check out the rest of her beading projects right here!

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