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Jennie Rayment’s Quilting Adventures Summer 2017

Jennie Rayment’s Quilting Adventures Summer 2017

June 30th was the start of the Stitching, Sewing & Hobbycrafts show at the NEC and I had a stand there. It’s a three-day show and easy to do if you have help. Then, you can escape for necessary breaks and a bite to eat. Eating on the stand is an absolute ‘no’ because just as you shove a mouthful in, someone comes up. They usually apologise for interrupting your lunch and then ask a complicated question which cannot be answered by a simple nod of the head.

So you swallow hastily, cough, reply to the question, smile sweetly as you try not to choke! Such fun!! But to be honest, shows are a real pleasure as you get to meet so many delightful like-minded people. Crafters are the same the whole world over; really nice people who are keen to chat, share ideas, experiences and proffer advice and friendship.

2nd July – NEC & Create and Craft Madness

Sunday morning of the NEC show dawned at 3:00am because I had said I would guest the Create and Craft 8:00am show in Peterborough, but I had to be back to be on my stand at the NEC as early as possible. A good friend of mine had been persuaded to ‘man’ or rather ‘woman’ my stand until I returned. I had to get back as I was the entertainment later that day, giving a free lecture or if we’re honest – prattle! Why do I do these things?… Pass! It’s a mere 85 miles to Peterborough. Far less than the usual 160 odd miles I drive when coming from home to a show on Create and Craft, so a doddle really. Fortuitously, the roads were kind and I achieved the mad dash safely and returned before anyone noticed my absence. Phew!

Next up… Cornwall!

Next on the schedule was a trip to Cornwall, teaching and prattling in Liskeard at a local craft shop. The class were going to do Twitch, Twiddle and Tweak – a class taken from my ‘Tucks & Textures Two’ book. It can also be found on my Daisy Delight DVD. If I had had any sense, I should just have stuck the Daisy Delight DVD into my computer and sat down, put my feet up, and let them follow the DVD. I could have had a really easy day!

The Spare Keys Saga

Before the evening lecture, I nipped to the local supermarket to buy supper and have a break. Little did I know that when I threw the rubbish from my car away into the bin outside, I also threw my spare car keys! It was a few days later when I became aware of their loss and it was too late — the bin had been emptied and they’re now in landfill! Not a big problem until you try to get a spare car key… this proves to be an expensive mistake. Spare keys cost seemingly squillions! The worst thing is that on the key ring were the keys to my son’s house. He will not let me forget my incompetence and if I dare to tell him that I’ve lost them, he’ll expect me to go down and search the landfill site until I find them. Can you imagine doing that?

So, I have colluded with my very dear daughter-in-law and asked her to quietly get another set and not tell him! Moral of this tale: check your trash before you chuck it in a bin some 250 miles from home. Later that evening – oblivious to the demise of my keys – I happily waved quilts about and expounded on tales of haphazard happenings, ranging from throwing my teeth down the loo in Chicago to drying my undies in the microwave.

One of the quilts I showed was the one made by Linda Onions as it’s going to be the star of next Quilting Classroom on Sunday 30th July. If I had known about the keys then maybe I could have rescued them! Although, one wonders what the security guys would have thought of this mad woman delving through rubbish at 10:00pm, especially if I was wearing the boots!

12th July – Great Brickhill WI

Ah, the next gig this month was Great Brickhill WI on Wednesday 12th July. An evening entertainment that was going to be filmed by David Marlow for one of the members who was unable to attend and she really wanted to see me! I think she only wanted a glimpse of the red boots. Goodness knows what I am explaining in this still taken by David.

Mid to Late July – Prep, Prep, Prep

The next few days were spent getting samples made for my Sunday 23rd 8:00am show at Create and Craft. I really enjoyed playing with the Petal Pattern and the Maltese Cross (more stock is available in a few weeks…).

Now I’m up to eyeballs doing prep for my next Quilting Classroom on Sunday 30th July at 8:00am. I’m exploring Spiral Bargello and other circular constructions. There is a PDF to download, partly written by Linda Onions and partly by me. Download it here!

Tune in on Sunday! You can sit up in bed or loll in your pyjamas sipping a cuppa and watching how to create these ingenious designs from a simple band of strips chopped into sections using the Sew Easy 10 degree wedge. If you miss it then, Quilting Classrooms are kept on Create and Craft’s website for a long time. Click here to find all the episodes!

What’s in Store for August?

Finally, August brings the Festival of Quilts at the NEC. This is one amazing show of expertise from world-renowned quilters, but tucked among the fantastic exhibits you will find a plethora of ideas and designs for all abilities. Even I feel totally nonplussed by the event but draw comfort by being the only Twiddler Fiddler, Nipper, Tucker, Manipulator and Manoeuverer! So come and share a tweak or two with me on QIA1.

This blog post was written by Calico Queen, Jennie Rayment.

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