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Ken Oliver’s How to Make a Watercolour Galaxy Card

Ken Oliver’s How to Make a Watercolour Galaxy Card

Follow this step-by-step tutorial from Ken Oliver to create a watercolour galaxy card that’s out of this world! You get creative freedom with this project; bring your galaxy-themed greeting card to life using your choice of colours and sentiment, and even add personal touches, such as the recipient’s name or age. Whether you create this card for a budding astronaut’s birthday, or another exciting celebration, it’s bound to blow your recipient’s mind!

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Mist 1 4″x6″ piece of Ken Oliver Watercolor Paper with water.

Step 2:

Now sprinkle the wet watercolour paper with Galaxy Color Burst colours to create vibrant backgrounds.

Step 3:

watercolour galaxy card step-by-step image

Add drops of Platinum Liquid Metals to create shimmery highlights.

Step 4:

ken oliver's watercolour galaxy card image

Dry the background with a heat tool.


Step 5:

how to make a watercolour galaxy card image

Using a paintbrush and Platinum Liquid Metals, splatter additional stars onto the background and dry.

Step 6:

Once dry, mount the 4″x6″ galaxy background onto 4.5” x 6.5” black cardstock using the roller adhesive.

Step 7:

Apply the Stick-It adhesive to the back of a piece of white cardstock.

Step 8:

Next die cut your favorite die sentiment from the white cardstock with Stick It on.

Step 9:

Remove the protective paper from the back of the die-cut sentiment and apply to the galaxy background as desired. Burnish well.

Step 10:

make a watercolour galaxy card image

Using liquid adhesive, adhere assorted sequins to the front of the card to finish. And there you have it – a stunning watercolour galaxy card that’s totally out of this world! You could use the same technique to create stunning gift tags, journal covers, or even framed wall art… the only limit is your imagination!

ken oliver's finished watercolour galaxy card image

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