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Top Tips to Get Incredible Results With Memory Box Layering Dies

Top Tips to Get Incredible Results With Memory Box Layering Dies

Brand new from Memory Box comes an incredible collection of layering dies! This exciting new concept allows you to layer up the dies to create stunning patterns and intricate designs with ease – and the very talented Jennifer McGuire has been sharing exactly how she uses layering dies to produce gorgeous cards, plus all her top die-cutting tips for crafty success!

Jennifer McGuire’s Top Tips For Die Cutting Success:

Quick and Easy Layering:

For this first card, I assembled the layers on a white notecard and used foam tape behind the centerpiece, for dimension. The sentiment has been added with a sentiment die cut and a stamped tagline; nothing fancy here – just showing how quickly these cards can come together. And although it looks like it took so much time to make – it really didn’t! Remember to choose a glue that dries fast, clear and strong, for stress-free layering.

Window Design:

This next card shows how to create a simple window on the front of a card with a sentiment on the inside showing through. Be sure to watch the video near the top of this post!) to see how this was done.

Dry Embossing:

Another great way to get more out of your dies, is to dry emboss them using a die cutting machine and an Embossing Mat. I added layered die cuts in the center of an embossed circle… and a stamped sentiment for the perfect finishing touch.

Offset Layering:

You can get new looks from intricate dies by layering several of the same die cut together… but slightly offset. For this card I used one of the dies from the Memory Box Dazzler Layering Die Set, and layered four die cuts.

Use Specialty Papers:

Another very simple way to give your die cuts a new look is to use specialty papers, such as wood paper, vellum, foil paper, and more. I decided to use glitter cardstock here, and I love the look!

Use Leftovers:

Many times when die cutting intricate dies, there are lots of ‘leftover’ bits and pieces. These often end up in the bin, but instead could be used as confetti for a shaker card, or as accents. For my example, I arranged them on a card using the main die cut as a guide. Before cutting the dies from colourful cardstock, I backed the cardstock with double sided adhesive tape. This adhesive turns die cuts into stickers! I then temporarily held the die cuts onto a white notecard, and added the little bits and pieces into the openings. Since the adhesive was already on the back, this took little time! Once all the layered pieces were in place, I removed the big die cut, to leave behind a fun pattern of little pieces!

Enamel Effect:

You can easily make any die cut look like enamel, simply by covering it with a few layers of clear embossing powder. This is especially lovely when you use layered dies!

After adhering these layers together, I pressed my Embossing Ink pad on top and added clear embossing powder. After heat setting it and letting it cool, I repeated the process four times. The dimension and shine looks like enamel.

Watercolour Effect:

You can also make die cuts look more interesting by adding colour with watercolour… and it’s easy to do!

I started by layering die cuts created with watercolour paper. I then scribbled my Watercolour Pens over the die cuts and sprayed them generously with water. (You can use any watercolour medium for this technique.) Finally, I added several sprays of Shimmer Spritz for shimmer.

Arch Word Sentiments:

A fun way to use word dies is to add them at an arch on your card instead of straight, as I have done here!

Create Foam Stamps:

You can also use any dies to create stamps. Simply die cut shapes from White Craft Foam and temporarily adhere the foam shapes onto an acrylic block. I like to use dye inks, but any inks should work.

It’s great fun to stamp with the foam die cuts from a layered die set… it looks like you have a layered stamp set! This is excellent for one-layer cards.

Adapt Your Word Dies:

This second card shows how you can easily alter word dies to create new words… here, I cut a ‘wishing’ sentiment die-cut, to make the word ‘wish.’ This is a great way to stretch your supplies!

Add Your Own Colour:

Coloured cardstock often costs more than white cardstock, so one easy way to create colorful dies is to colour white die cuts! You can do this with paint, ink, markers and more.

Although I coloured my die-cuts solidly here, you could instead create shading and other pretty effects.

Try New Colour Combos:

Combine a bold colour mix with plain and simple kraft card for an eye-catching effect!

The Big Colour Reveal:

Whenever you have a die cut with openings, it can be fun to add lots of colours behind it! Be sure to watch the video (near the top of this blog post!) to see how to easily determine where the colours go!

Use Up Scraps:

I had lots of random die cuts leftover from all of the cards I made… So I covered the background of a white notecard with them for a fun look. It’s super quick and easy to do!

So there you have it – a whole host of bold and beautiful ways you can get creative with your Memory Box Layering Dies… which is your favourite?

Get your hands on your own set of layering dies right here, and see what you can create!

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