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How to Make the Ultimate Emoji Cake 😍😵

How to Make the Ultimate Emoji Cake 😍😵

I loved making the little emojis to go around this cake. You could have so much fun by making up stories for the different faces, like finding out the sex of a new baby or being proposed to. I’ve used lots of different faces and I must admit, I did do my homework first on my phone! They are such fun and amazing for a teenage girl or boy’s cake. You could even create this emoji cake to take to a friend’s party. Let the pen do the talking on this one! Cassie Brown

You will need:

Step 1:

First, knead the yellow modelling paste so it’s nice and soft with no cracks in it. Then, roll the yellow modelling paste to a thickness of about 1/2cm. Put one layer of clingfilm over the paste and gently push the 5cm circle cutter down onto the clingfilm and through to the paste. Move the cutter gently to make sure it cuts through the paste. The clingfilm will make the cut softer around the edge, so it saves you time trying to soften the edges with your fingers.

You will need to cut out about 22 circles of this size, then cut out one larger 12cm circle for the top of the cake. Leave the circles to dry overnight.

Step 2:

Put 3 drops of orange airbrush colour into the colour well of the airbrush and hold the airbrush about 3″ away from the edge of the circles. Gently pull back the trigger to create a haze of colour around the edge of the emoji. This also adds a little warmth to the yellow colour. On some of the emojis, add a little haze where the cheeks are to add a little interest.

Step 3:

Now the fun begins! Use the edible pens to simply draw on the emoji faces, as seen on social media. Create several expressions, such as heart-eyes, crying, sleepy, cheeky and kissing.

Step 4:

Cut the front out of a cardboard box to use as a spray booth. Put the turntable in the box and then place the iced cake on top on the turntable. Put about 3 drops of orange airbrush colour into the colour well of the airbrush, hold the airbrush about 4″ away from the cake, and gently spray a light, faint haze over the cake. Because it’s such a fine haze, it will dry instantly. This is just to tone down the sharpness of the white to match the vibrant emojis.

Step 5:

Stick the emoji circles around the edge of the cake using a little royal icing; just spread it onto the back of the circles with a palette knife. Leave a little gap in between each one.

Step 6:

Once you’ve drawn the face on the large emoji, attach it to the top of the cake with royal icing.

This is a simple design that I’ve created, but you could add even more little emojis around the top or create different shapes. Let yourself have some fun with this one! Remember that you’re using edible pens, so you can play around with designs. It’s just like colouring in!

This project was created & written by sugarcraft guru, Cassie Brown.

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