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Make A Handmade Scrapbook: The Perfect Way To Capture Your Memories!

Make A Handmade Scrapbook: The Perfect Way To Capture Your Memories!

At Create and Craft, our incredible Core Collection has been months in the making – and now that it’s here, we can’t wait to show you all the creative things you can do with it! When our crafty contributor Louise Dunbar received her Core Collection cardstock essentials, she got straight to work on this gorgeous scrapbook travel album – how pretty are these stunning scrapbook pages? If you’re looking for colourful and creative scrapbook ideas you can utilise to turn your own treasured memories into pretty little keepsakes then this scrapbooking project is the one for you! Check out Louise’s step-by-step tutorial below, and discover exactly what you can do with Create and Craft’s fantastic Core Collection cardstock!

Handmade Scrapbook Project Header Image

Using just four sheets of A3 cardstock, I’ll show you how to make not one but two mini papercraft books, which are perfect for creating scrapbook albums, mini photo books, or simply a pretty little inspiration book or two! Personally, I love to scrapbook travel photos, but you could turn your scrapbook pages into whatever you like!

Time to Make: Approximately 1 hour

Skill Level: Intermediate

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Trim your A3 cardstock to the following sizes:

  • 1 at 40cm
  • 1 at 38cm
  • 1 at 36cm
  • 1 at 34cm

Step 2:

Next we’re going to score along the long edge before we trim down to the height; it makes it easier to fit into the trimmer this way. First, take the 40cm length piece, and score at 18cm and 22cm. Next, score the 38cm length piece at 17.5 and 20.5cm, and then score the 36cm length piece at 17 and 19cm. Finally, take the 34cm length piece, and score at 16.5 and 17.5cm.

Step 3:

Now, fold down one of the score lines on each piece of cardstock, then put into your trimmer and trim down to 18cm.  Do this on all four pieces of cardstock.  You’ll now have eight pieces of card, which will make two separate books.

Step 4:

Fold along the other score lines, and you’ll create a ‘U’ shape in the cardstock as shown above; this is the spine of the books, and you’ll see just how easily they fit inside one another to form the scrapbook pages, next!

Step 5:

Time to construct your scrapbook! Add red liner tape to the spines and stick them together, trying to keep each sheet as central as you can; this will just give a neater finish to your handmade scrapbook project.

Step 6:

Now it’s time to decorate your scrapbook pages!  You can choose to do this with coloured papers… patterned papers… it’s really up to you!  I did my bigger book with a mix of coloured and patterned papers, then did my smaller book with just coloured papers.

The Sizes You’ll Need are as Follows:

For the Bigger Book: 17 x 17cm, 17 x 16.5cm, 17 x 16cm and 17 x 15.5cm

For the Smaller Book: 11 x 17cm, 11 x 16.5cm, 11 x 16cm and 11 x 15.5cm

Now that the scrapbook pages are in place, you can finish the books however you like! I choose to add photos of a recent holiday to my big book, and I made a front cover to reflect this!

I turned the smaller scrapbook into an inspiration book and filled it with pieces of white cardstock which I decorated with different craft techniques, so I can look back through it when I need a bit of crafty inspiration!

What would you fill yours with? I’d love to here your crafty suggestions below! Keen to get started? Order all your papercrafting supplies today!

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