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How To Make Pom Poms by Charlotte Newland

How To Make Pom Poms by Charlotte Newland

“It’s a pompom party! I love pompoms – they are so happy and festive, and make any birthday party special. Best of all, with these easy pompom makers from Clover, everyone can get involved in creating a bright and cheery party theme!” – Charlotte Newland

You will need:

Double-knitting yarn in colours to match your theme (I chose a selection of brights and pastels)

Clover pompom makers in large, small and extra small

You will also need plain paper party hats, a glue gun, and lolly sticks or wooden skewers

Pompom party hats:

Use the 25 mm maker (the larger of the two in the extra small set) to make pompoms. I made a total of about 80 pompoms for a set of eight party hats in assorted designs, but you can make as many or as few as you like. Use the 45 mm maker (the larger of the two in the small set) to make a total of eight pompoms for the tops of the hats.

Use a glue gun to attach the smaller pompoms to the party hats in whatever design you like, then glue a larger pompom to the top of each hat. I made a mixture of initials, numbers, and other designs.

Pompom cake garland:

Use the 20 mm maker (the smaller of the two in the extra small set) to make six to eight tiny pompoms, leaving long yarn tails when tying them. Lay the pompoms out in a pretty order and tie them together using the yarn tails, then tie them to the lolly sticks or wooden skewers. Secure this knot with a dab of hot glue. If you like, you can decorate your lolly sticks with coloured tape to match your party colours.

Insert your bunting into the birthday cake, keeping it well away from any candles.

Pompom garland:

Use the 85 mm maker (the larger of the two in the large set) to make a giant pile of pompoms with your remaining yarn. The more you make, the longer your garland will be, so this is a good time to get the kids involved! Make sure to leave long yarn tails to tie the pompoms together later. When you’ve made all your pompoms use the tails to tie them together with double knots, pulling tightly to make sure they don’t come undone. Trim the thread tails about 0.5cm away from the knot.

Then all yiu need to do is hang your pompom garland on the wall or across the ceiling and have a wonderful party!

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