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How to Make Bunting from Paint Samples

How to Make Bunting from Paint Samples

Our lovely Create & Craft Blog Editor, Ciara McAuley, recently came up with the suggestion of doing a project using paint sample charts. I immediately loved her idea as one of my favourite pastimes is poring over colour swatches in my endless quest to get exactly the right shade of grey for the hall (or whatever!). — Julie Peasgood

I wanted to make some bunting using all different colours of paint samples as not only have I collected masses of them (and I love bunting) but when the decorations come down after Christmas, I find myself thinking which rooms might benefit from a lick of paint.

Find Your Inspiration & the Rest Will Follow!

Inspired by finding my favourite paintbrush (which never sheds a hair — amazing), I then thought how the swatches could represent bristles glued onto a cardstock brush. For the handle, I used the fabulous Topsy Turvy pastel coloured cardstock from Create & Craft. They have different colours each both side, making them perfect for bunting.

After cutting them into little strips, I arranged them on the brush giving them uneven edges to mimic real paint. Some silver masking tape and a couple of ‘rivets’ (screw brads) later, they had the authentic look I was after but without any of the hassle of cleaning them up. Not a hint of white spirit in sight!

Over to You, Crafters…

Have you ever got crafty with paint samples? We’d love to see examples of your work! The best part about this type of art is that it’s virtually free. We’re probably all guilty of hoarding samples every time we decide to redecorate the house! Paint samples offer us a wide breadth of colours in several different shades, meaning we can create spectacular ombre effects. As such, there are some beautiful works of art displayed on Pinterest and other social media channels. Who needs to buy the actual paint when you can decorate your walls with paint sample art?!

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