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How to Make Mini Paper Roses

How to Make Mini Paper Roses

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We’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with these mini paper roses created by talented papercrafter Carla Bagshaw! Just perfect for adding to a card or gift tag this Valentine’s day, this craft project is also a great way to capture the kids’ imagination too, and encourage them to try their hand at crafting. Check out Carla’s step-by-step tutorial below, grab your free printable templates, and have at at making your very own teeny tiny bouquet.

Time It Takes To Make: 1 Hour

Skill Level: Beginner

You Will Need:

Step 1:

DIY mini paper roses tutorial step

Scan the template into your cutting machine and cut out all of the mini flower shapes. Each rose will require 3 flower shapes, so cut as many as you will need depending on how many roses you would like to have in your bouquet.

Step 2:

DIY mini paper roses tutorial step

Using a pokey tool, create a hole in the centre of each flower; you will need this to feed the petals onto your wire.

Step 3:

DIY mini paper roses tutorial step

Use the pokey tool to curl the edges of your first flower inwards. This allows them to glue more easily, but it also breaks the fibres in the paper which lets you mold the paper more easily too.

Step 4:

DIY mini paper roses tutorial step

Take a piece of wire, and cut it to around 6cm, then use either your pokey tool (or pliers, if you have them) to form a loop at the end of your wire.

Step 5:

DIY mini paper roses tutorial step

Now, place your wire through the hole in your first flower shape.

Step 6:

DIY mini paper roses tutorial step

Imagine that each of the five petals are numbered from 1-5; we need to first stick petal 1 to petal three (so miss out a petal). It is a little fiddly, but persevere, and you will get the knack!

Step 7:

DIY mini paper roses tutorial step

When petals 1 and 3 are stuck together, you can then glue petals 2, 4 and 5. This forms your ‘bud), and things get much easier. You can now add your next two petal shapes; this time glue your petals in order (1,2,3 etc. in a round).

Step 8:

DIY mini paper roses tutorial step

Scan and cut your leaf template in green cardstock and poke a hole through the centre. Add one to the bottom of each rose that you have made.

Step 9: (optional)

DIY mini paper roses tutorial step

I wanted some extra foliage so I just cut some long oval shapes (freehand) but this isn’t necessary, I just liked the extra decoration.

Step 10:

DIY mini paper roses tutorial step

When you have made all of your mini paper roses, cut a square of kraft paper and lay your flowers on it diagonally, then wrap the Kraft paper into a bouquet, as per the image above.

Finished project close-up

Finally, add a small length of twine around the outside to finish off the project, and voila! Your terrifically tiny bouquet is complete, and ready to be gifted, added to a cardfront, used to embellish a gift tag… or whatever else you’d like to do with it!

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