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How to Make a Peg Bag: Step-by-Step Summer Sewing

How to Make a Peg Bag: Step-by-Step Summer Sewing

This gorgeous little summer sewing project provides the perfect way to take advantage of the sunny weather! Follow Anna Jay’s step-by-step tutorial  and learn how to make a peg bag that’ll hang neatly in your bathroom or laundry area when not in use, plus make hanging the laundry easy when it’s time to pop it on the line. You can choose fabrics and decorations to coordinate with your home design, or choose some beautiful prints that will add a bright finishing touch!

How to make a peg bag title

How to Make a Peg Bag – Tutorial:

I’ve made a 13” x 11” peg bag; your fabric requirements will increase with a larger bag.

Use a  ½” seam allowance.

You Will Need:

Sewing supplies required

Step 1:

How to make a peg bag tutorial step

Create a pattern by placing a coat hanger on the paper, and drawing around the curves, then straight down. Finish the side lines with a horizontal one that will serve as the bottom of the bag. Add seam allowances to the pattern, all the way round.

Step 2:

How to make a peg bag tutorial step

Use the pattern to cut 2 details out of the fabric. Then use a ruler to mark a horizontal line about 5.9 inches up from the bottom of one of the pieces. Split it into two, as shown. That’s your two front details. At this point, you can finish the upper edges of the back, and front pieces, with a zig-zag stitch or with a serger, to prevent from fraying.

Step 3:

How to make a peg bag tutorial step

Attach bias binding tape to the split edges of front details. To do that, pin one side to the wrong side of the piece, matching the edges, then fold it over to the right side and place lace under the bias tape to catch it under the seam. Pin in place, and stitch on both front pieces.

Step 4:

How to make a peg bag tutorial step

Arrange two front pieces on top of the back piece, right sides together. Stitch all around the edges, starting ½” away from the top centre, leaving the opening for the hanger, and finishing ½” away from the central point. That leaves you with an opening for the clothes hanger. Finish all of the seams.

Step 5:

How to make a peg bag tutorial step

Turn the peg bag inside out, give it a good press and put on a hanger. All that’s left is to attach a little bow…and fill it with pegs!

Finished project in situ

When it comes to hanging your washing on the line, simply hang your peg bag out on the line in front of you within easy reach, and slide it along as you go!

Finished project in use

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