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Learn How to Macrame with Our Keyring Project

Learn How to Macrame with Our Keyring Project

Macrame has really grown in popularity over the past year - not least because it's wonderfully therapeutic to get stuck into, but also because it's such an incredibly versatile craft, it appeals to creative fans of a number of crafty disciplines. Once you've got to grips with the basics of how to macrame, you can go on to create macrame jewellery, macrame home decor and even macrame fashion projects! Here, the talented Angela Finch takes you step-by-step through a gorgeous micro macrame keyring, created using the Cavandoli technique. Once learnt, this macrame method can be used to make beautiful bracelets, necklaces, and more!

You Will Need

How to Macrame Your Own Keyring

Step 1:

Preparing to begin setup

Attach the keyring to the macramé board with pins. Cut 10 pieces of S-lon cord, 40 inches (102 cm) long. Fold a piece of cord in half and create a lark’s head knot to attach it to the keyring. Do this with all 10 cords, being careful not to overlap the knots.

Step 2:

How to macrame tutorial step

Using a T-pin, create a horizontal line with the first left-hand cord, and attach it to the macramé board.

Step 3:

How to macrame tutorial step

Create a double half hitch knot with the next cord. To do this, the cord needs to be under the horizontal one, then over, under and over for the knot (like in the photograph). Pull tight. Do this again with the same cord.

Step 4:

How to macrame tutorial step

Continue doing double half hitch knots on all the cords.

Step 5:

Adding a bead

Add a bicone bead on the 8th cord from the right. Take the first cord on the left and attach it at an angle to the macramé board. Now do double half hitch knots with all cords, starting from the left on the angled cord. (At this point, get into the habit of separating your cords on the macramé board as you work.)

Step 6:

How to macrame tutorial step

Add a bicone bead to the 8th cord from the left. Using the cord that you created the last line with, angle it so that it fastens to the left of the macramé board. (Use a T-Pin to keep the cord in place.) To do a double half hitch knot this way is similar to before, but this time you are working inwards with the knot. So under, over, under and over again, using the first right hand cord (like in the photograph). Do it again to create a double half hitch knot.

Step 7:

How to macrame tutorial step

Continue doing double half hitch knots until you get another line. At times, you will have to push down the keyring and reattach the pins.

Step 8:

How to macrame tutorial step

Continue steps 5-7 until there are 7 lines of knots. (Or as many as you like!)

Step 9:

How to macrame tutorial step

Glue or nail varnish the last row of knots on both sides and wait for it to dry. It may take 24 hours for the glue to fully dry.

Step 10:

Completed keyring

Cut the remaining cords at an angle to give a fringe. If one is sticking out at a weird angle, cut it close to the knot. The keyring is now finished! You could give it as a gift, or even create a number of them in different colours, to help differentiate the keys in your own collection. We love all craft projects... but especially ones that make life easier!


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