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The Hot Glue Gun Craft You’ll Love: DIY Crystals!

The Hot Glue Gun Craft You’ll Love: DIY Crystals!

Hot glue is such an awesome craft stash item – not only is it a must-have when it comes to sticking together those tricky projects, but it’s also a fantastic project ingredient in its own right! Whilst most of us seasoned crafters have a hot glue gun in the craft cupboard, far fewer of us turn to it for anything other than sticking other craft supplies together… but we think it’s time that changed! Check out Penelope Quinn’s project below and discover the latest hot glue gun craft that we’ve fallen in love with… DIY crystals!

How to Make Hot Glue Crystals:

If you love the look of crystals, then you’ll love this easy DIY project where you can make your own – in whatever colour you like!

You Will Need:

Hot glue gun crystal craft tutorial

Step 1:

Hot glue gun crystal craft tutorial

First, cut your glue sticks into angular shards with your pen knife. Be really careful, as the glue can be hard to cut and the glue sticks have a habit of rolling about. The best way is to start at the top of the glue stick, cut various shards into a point, then cut off 1 – 3cm blocks until you’re at the bottom. To make your crystal look realistic, cut off shards of glue stick at different angles.

Step 2:

Hot glue gun crystal craft tutorial

Time to colour! Use sharpie pens to draw colour onto the shards, then while the pen is still wet, use a stiff brush to spread the colour so there are no harsh lines. You may even like to blend a couple of different colours! Apply most of the colour to the bottom, and then smudge up towards the point.

Step 3:

Hot glue gun crystal craft tutorial

Now it’s time to make your base. Take a small cup, and line with baking paper – it doesn’t matter if there are lots of creases, it will add to the effect! Use your glue gun to apply a thick layer of glue to the bottom – you may need one or two glue sticks to do this. I found it easiest to work from the bottom up, applying the glue in a circular fashion. Leave to set for 10 minutes.

Step 4:

Once it’s cool to touch, paint your base black – I used acrylic, but you could also use spray paint. While it’s still wet, dip the base in black sand until it’s completely covered. Leave to dry. If there are bits that need more sand, use a bit of spray adhesive glue and roll the base again. TIP: If you can’t find black sand, put some dry sand into a bowl, and use black spray paint to coat, tossing as you go.

Step 5:

You can now glue on your crystal shards – try to have the points going in different directions, use plenty of hot glue.

Step 6:

Hot glue gun crystal craft tutorial

Finally, apply a coat of clear spray paint, and while it’s wet, apply some gold glitter to the edges of the base. Once it’s dry, give another two coats of clear gloss spray paint for a glossy look.

Hot glue gun crystal craft tutorial

TIP: You can also use clear nail polish to gloss it up!

Step 7:

Hot glue gun crystal craft tutorial

You’re done! Place your crystals on your favourite windowsill and watch them catch the light!

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