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Hot Foil Stamping Machine For Crafters: GoPress and Foil

Hot Foil Stamping Machine For Crafters: GoPress and Foil

Hot foil stamping is the process of combining pressure and heat in order to add gorgeous shining metallic lettering and other designs to a range of craft projects, including gift tags, ribbons, card fronts, chipboard shapes and so much more! Sound complicated? The good news is, it really doesn’t have to be, thanks to the fantastic GoPress and Foil Machine from Couture Creations. This super hot foil stamping machine has been cleverly designed so that it can be used with most popular die-cutting machines, enabling you to transform your crafting projects with endless possibilities, from 1-March

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This lightweight, portable electronic hot foil stamping machine enables you to run a hot plate through your normal die-cutting machine to achieve spectacular results, but that’s not all… the GoPress and Foil can also be used without heat to attain stunning results as a letterpress, either with or without ink; the machine is extremely versatile and works with many mediums, including cardstock, vellum, ribbons, fabrics, chipboard, and more!

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How Does This Hot Foil Stamping Machine Work?

The GoPress and Foil is so easy to use; a one-touch button will heat your plate, and a light will indicate when it’s ready to be removed from its plug-in base, and is warm enough to be ran through your die-cutting machine.

To create your first hot foiled design, open up the acrylic lid, and place your specially designed hot foil stamp onto the platform.

GoPress and Foil Hot Foil Stamp Image

Next, take your chosen foil, and lay this over your hot foil stamp, shiny-side-down (so that the stamp is touching the shiny side).

GoPress and Foil Hot Foiling Image

Now, take the material you wish to hot foil stamp onto, and place this on top of the foil. If you are using card, we recommend you choose a smooth card for top-notch results! Complete your sandwich by adding your chosen shim on top of your card, and replacing the acrylic lid to hold everything in place.

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Once the indicator light turns green, your plate is hot enough to be removed from its plug-in base, and can be run through your die-cutting machine, exactly the same as a normal die-cutting sandwich.

GoPress and Foil Green Indicator Light Image

Go Press and Foil in Die Cutting Machine Image

Now you can open up the acrylic lid once again and carefully remove the sandwich within. Take out your piece of card, which will now have the strip of foil you used fully adhered to it.

Foiled Project Image

If you look closely, you should be able to see the impression of the hot foil stamp or die you used.  Simply take hold of the edge of the foiling sheet, and gently pull it away from the card; all that should remain is a perfectly foiled design!

Foiled Project Finished Result Image


To create stunning effects on a vast range of projects, the GoPress and Foil works in conjunction with Hot Foil Stamps (metal stamps that heat up), PLUS any normal thin cutting dies, and embossing folders. So if you already own any thin cutting dies or embossing folders, you can use these with your GoPress and Foil Hot Foil Stamping Machine right now – there’s no need to fret about having to invest in a whole new collection!

And that’s not all… you can also use it without heat as a stamp press with rubber and acrylic stamps, to achieve incredibly accurate stamped results with ease! Utilising the easy-close acrylic lid with your existing stamp collection means you can use the GoPress and Foil to create duplicate stamp prints on stationery, gift tags and other projects, as well as creating beautifully layered designs  with minimum effort.

GoPress and Foil Hot Foil Stamping Machine Product Image

Compatible Die-Cutting Machines:

The GoPress and Foil machine is compatible with most popular machines, including (but not limited to):

Top Tip: With the Cut n Boss or Ebosser you have to make sure that the Cut n Boss / Ebosser plates are on top of the GoPress sandwich, as the triggers to get the motor operating on the Cut n Boss / Ebosser are on the underside of the top of the opening.

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