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Home Office Decor To Help Organise Your Space

Home Office Decor To Help Organise Your Space

If you’re looking for a piece of DIY home office decor that not only looks gorgeous, but will come in pretty handy when it comes to keeping organised, then this is the project for you! A padded fabric pinboard is a project that can transform a home office space into not only an organised place, but also a pretty one too. Use it to hold all of your important papers, documents and planners, while adding a stylish and creative design finish to your room! Check out Anna Jay’s tutorial below to find out how to make your own.

You Will Need:

Supplies you will need

Note: Measurements of the fabric and batting are given considering that the width of the frame is 25/32 in)

Home Office Decor Tutorial:

Step 1:

Home office decor tutorial step

Place your batting on top of the right side of the cork board, wrapping it around the edges. Staple the batting to the frame to hold it in place. Trim the excess so it ends just before the edge of the frame.

Step 2:

Home office decor tutorial step

Iron the main fabric and wrap it around the batting and board. In order to achieve a neat finish, fold the edge of the fabric in and only then staple it to the board (you can skip folding with the selvage side). Make sure to pull the fabric as you work around each side.

Step 3:

Home office decor tutorial step

Fold the edges neatly and secure with some extra staples.

Step 4:

Home office decor tutorial step

Attach the first two ribbons from corner to corner, creating an X pattern. For that you need to take a ribbon, wrap the edge around the board and staple it onto the wood frame on the back. Then pull it and attach it at another corner. You don’t have to pre-cut the ribbons, it’s easier to attach them straight from the bolt and then cut.

Step 5:

Home office decor tutorial step

Keep on adding ribbons in a diamond pattern by measuring the same distance from each of the already attached ribbons.

Step 6:

Home office decor tutorial step

It’s important to not make the diamonds too big in order to make sure they can hold even small papers. But you don’t have to put the same amount of ribbons at the bottom because this area will be covered with a pocket.

Step 7:

Home office decor tutorial step

To create the pocket, fold your fabric in half, wrong sides together, and press it, especially the edge.

Step 8:

Home office decor tutorial step

Place the pocket at the bottom part of the board and staple in the same manner as the main fabric, by folding the edges in. Attach it at the sides and bottom, placing the staples quite close to each other on the bottom part.

Step 9:

Home office decor tutorial step

Place decorative pins where your ribbons overlap, to complete your totally gorgeous and totally functional office home decor!

Finished project

You could turn it into a pretty display of your favourite photos and prints, use it to store handy desk essentials like your pen and notepad, or slip your daily to-do list on there to help keep your day on track.

Finished project close up

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