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Spread the Joy of Handmade This Christmas

Spread the Joy of Handmade This Christmas

Whilst Christmas is a time filled with excitement and joy for most, there are some who can find the festive period a tough one to get through. At Create and Craft, our mission is to ensure that no tree is left bare, no home is left out, and no person is left lonely this year! Have you seen our #lonelytree yet? Our mission is to add colour, fun and creativity, to spread the joy of Christmas far and wide! In the run-up to Christmas, we’re challenging crafters around the world to get creative, and share the Christmas message by making, sharing and inspiring. Don’t craft alone – invite family and friends you haven’t seen in a while to get creative with you! Why not introduce someone to the world of crafting and teach them how they too can rekindle the fun of Christmas, by making their very own cards and decorations? Do you have loved ones far away? Send them handmade gifts in the post!

In the spirit of getting crafty to bring maximum cheer to the world this Christmas, we thought we’d share some of our favourite Christmas decoration ideas, for you to make at home!

Felt Christmas Decorations: Fun For All

Felt has been a huge trend in the crafting world…and beyond! But why is this matted material so popular? Honestly, it’s because felt Christmas decorations have the cute factor (not just the cute factor – the absolutely adorable factor!) Plus, they truly are a joy to make. They don’t take much time at all, and little stitching skill is required to complete them… making them the perfect way to get friends and family crafting with you this Christmas!

Working with felt gives you the freedom to tailor your Christmas decorations to your style. If you choose to buy a felt kit, there’s a little less freedom… but a lot more help. If you choose to go freestyle, the world truly is your oyster.

To Make Your Own Felt Decorations, You Simply Need: 

Because of this accessibility, we believe that felt Christmas decorations are one of the UK’s favourite. If you’re hoping to create your own, here’s a little inspiration to get you going.

1. Embellished Gingerbread Man, Christmas Tree & Stocking

Cute with a capital C! These simple decorations are transformed into quirky pieces of art using simple embellishments, like sequins, beads, buttons and contrasting felt colours.

2. Gingham Christmas Tree, Simple Star & Reindeer

If you want to take your embellishing to the next level, you could even incorporate fabrics into the design. Whether simple or extravagant, these decorations definitely impress.

3. A Winterwear Trio

Stockings and mittens are an iconic symbol of wintertime. These miniature accessories are cheek-squishingly adorable, and fit for any doll’s house (or a larger Christmas tree…).

4. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Our favourite Christmas misfit has been transformed into a super cute felt decoration! Hand-cut the simple design, then add felt antlers, sequin eyes, and a large red button for his nose.

5. Simple Present, Gingerbread Man & Christmas Tree

If you don’t want to go overboard with the embellishing, felt Christmas decorations look just as adorable left as they are. Just cut a simple shape, then add small details with thread.

6. The Big Man, Himself: Santa Claus

There can’t be Christmas without Santa Claus. This legendary gift-giver isn’t at all difficult to turn into a felt masterpiece; cut a simple outline in red felt, then decorate with white felt!

7. The Snowman: Seeing Double

These snowmen may be double the trouble, but they’re also double the fun! The detail here is incredible, decorated with tiny crochet hats and scarves, pompoms and beads.

8. Classic Candy Canes

Finally, candy canes are the ultimate festive sweet. Many of us hang the real deal from our trees, but they won’t last forever. These felt candy canes will be with you for years to come.

Which number is your favourite felt decoration? Let us know in the comments below!

Keen to brighten someone’s Christmas with the joy of craft? Spread the word with #lonelytree, and share your makes online for all to see! We can’t wait to see what you creative crafties can do!

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