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Halloween Video Projects from Crafty Beggars & More Creepy Crafting!

Halloween Video Projects from Crafty Beggars & More Creepy Crafting!

Halloween is the on the horizon – or should we say, on the horrorizon – so now’s the time to get your last-minute crafting completed for the big night. Whether you’re dressing up your digs for a spooktastic Halloween bash, or you want to make trick-or-treating at your house that bit more of a frightening experience, there’s always an excuse to craft in time for October 31st. Better yet, you don’t have to craft alone!

Hugely popular crafting duo, the Crafty Beggars, have filmed four ‘Halloween Special’ video tutorials for Craft Academy, taking you step-by-step through some super spooky projects. Expect funny stories and anecdotes from Julie Peasgood and Wendy Turner Webster, describing some of their most haunting experiences whilst creating original Halloween crafts. You’ll learn, you’ll laugh, you’ll get inspired – this comedic crafting couple is not one to miss.



Plus, on top of Halloween video projects, we’ve also got two written projects for you – complete with our brand new Halloween cake crafting range!

The Crafty Beggars Make Some Creepy Cards


First up, we’ve got creepy Halloween cards created using watercolour pencils. Wendy and Julie are pretty new to crafting with watercolour pencils but love trying new things, so they describe how they now have to delve into their arty side – rather than sticking to their crafting roots. Proof that anyone can give it a go! Watch Wendy make a green glittery witch, while Julie replicates a pumpkin candle holder found in the studio. Not only does Wendy provide tips for using watercolour pencils, plus two different technique explanations, but Julie also discusses her school days and her experience on TV comedy game show, Blankety Blank.

The Crafty Beggars Create Spooky Jars


Halloween’s eerie roots evoke foreboding darkness – that’s a given. But every darkened room needs a little light to illuminate the menacing decorations you’ve painstakingly put together. In this video tutorial, the Crafty Beggars make Halloween-themed candle holders using old jars, the Baby Blue die-cutting machine, Tattered Lace Halloween dies, orange and green paint, and black cardstock. Whether you want to reuse old jam jars, pickle jars or coffee jars, expect your candles to shine through the designs beautifully. The duo also discuss ghostly experiences, exorcisms, and the ‘Crafty Beggars ethos’.

The Crafty Beggars Create a Pumpkin Book Sculpture


Next up, we’ve got the ultimate Halloween decoration to adorn your home in true style: a pumpkin book sculpture. Requiring minimal equipment (most of which can be found around the house!) this project teaches you how to upcycle an old paperback or hardback book, thus creating an eye-catching centrepiece. Watch Wendy and Julie race to complete their pumpkin first, each using a book, a simple template, glue, a scalpel or pair of scissors, orange paint, a paintbrush, and a twig. Conversation includes trick-or-treating, the trials and tribulations of being a witch, and pointed bottoms. Yes, you read that correctly – pointed bottoms – but you’ll have to watch the video to make sense of this ambiguity!

The Crafty Beggars Make a Halloween Treat Tray


Last, but by no means least, Julie and Wendy teach you how to make a trick-or-trick platter. This spooky dish is perfect for serving up treats to trick-or-treaters on Halloween night, decorated using jet black blackboard (or chalkboard) paint, button spiders, Nuvo drops, and – of course – sweets. The duo provide tips for using Tonic’s Nuvo drops and discuss jack-o’-lanterns, Wendy’s fear of spiders, Julie’s scary spider experience, and dangerous Australian spiders. You can most definitely anticipate a chilling arachnid theme throughout!

Haunted House Project


The concept of a haunted house inhabited by tormented spirits stuck in limbo truly epitomises Halloween, regularly seen throughout television, film, and real-life ghost tours. This is why our Haunted House project is the perfect creation to stand pride of place in your home! Sitting on a cake board decorated with bats, this spooky structure comprises of a black and purple house constructed using modelling paste, and features unearthly yellow eyes in its windows. It’s safe to say that this haunted house does go bump in the night…

Creepy Halloween Cupcakes Project


Cupcake crafting offers you true creative freedom, allowing you to bake something truly scrumptious and then decorate it using tempting colour tones and imaginative decorations. So, that being said, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to release your inner spooky side and create some creepy cupcakes – with a hint of adorability! Our Creepy Halloween Cupcakes project guides you through creating a mummy cupcake, a ghostly cupcake, an ‘Eek’ cupcake and a ‘Boo’ cupcake – complete with eerie eyes.

Check out our range of Halloween-themed cake decorating supplies to discover what you can create.