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DIY Halloween Treat Bag

DIY Halloween Treat Bag

Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to get the little ones prepared and excited for their big night of trick or treating than with this Halloween Treat Bag project? Bernadette Wainwright’s step-by-step tutorial is super easy to follow, even the kids can get involved. All that’s needed is the ability to cut, trace, thread and glue… so gather your supplies and get crafting this adorable little pumpkin treat bag for your little monsters.

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Time it takes to make: 1+ hours

Skill level: Beginner

You will Need:

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Step-by-Step Halloween Treat Bag:

Before you start any project, gather all your supplies and have a quick read through the instructions just to familiarise yourself with the terminology.

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Step 1:

Cut out an 8½” circle from orange felt. I used a plate to draw round. Using the templates, cut 3 leaves from the green  felt and 3 bats from the black felt.

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Step 2:

Mark and then cut 16 holes around the circle. The marks should be made about ½” from the circle edge and approximately 1½” apart.

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Step 3:

Thread the first length of wool all the way round the circle through the holes. Tie the ends together in a knot.

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Step 4:

At the opposite side, thread the second length of wool and tie off.

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Step 5:

To close the pouch up, pull the two knotted ends.

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Step 6:

Take each leaf and bend the stem around one strand of wool on the “handles”. Glue the top of the stem to the base of the leaf.

pumpkin treat bag for Halloween step 6 image 1pumpkin treat bag for Halloween step 6 image 2

Step 7:

From the remaining orange felt, cut 3 x ¼” wide strips of different lengths, 4”, 5” and 6”.

Step 8:

With each strip, loop one end over one strand of yarn and glue. Take the other end and glue to the reverse of the bat’s head.

Tip: to aid gluing, weigh down with something like a paperweight.

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Congratulations! Once the bag has dried, your little ones are ready to go trick or treating!

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