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Five Awesome Halloween Pumpkin Ideas (No Carving Required!)

Five Awesome Halloween Pumpkin Ideas (No Carving Required!)

If you’re looking for creative ways to get crafty this Halloween, then we’ve a showstopper of a project for you from the fabulous Lou Collins! This fantastic pumpkin decorating technique means you’ll never have to so much as look at a carving knife, let alone risk slicing your fingers whilst you prep for October 31st! Check out the Halloween pumpkin ideas below, and choose your favourite design to recreate in time for Halloween!

Frightfully Fun:

Orange painted Halloween pumpkin idea

Kicking off with a creative twist on the classic pumpkin look – this gorgeous brush lettered pumpkin has been realistically painted to achieve that gorgeous orange glow that we all know and love! Perfect for brightening up your doorstep, you can achieve this natural pumpkin-skin finish by layering up your paints. Simply apply a lighter coat first (either a yellow, or a pale peachy colour, depending on how bold and bright you want your pumpkin to look!) then, once this has dried, thinly apply a darker orange layer over the top, allowing the first coat to show through in places for a realistic mottled finish. Once both layers of paint have dried, you can get creative with your brush lettering pens – we just love the contrast of bold black on bright orange used here… and don’t forget to add your detailing in at the end with a few strokes of white acrylic paint!

Happy Haunting:

Grey Halloween pumpkin idea

Grey is all the rage in interior design right now, so if you’re looking to create something trendy, you might like this sophisticated little pumpkin right here. Choose either a matt or metallic grey paint, depending on your taste, then add your brush lettering in white with black shadow detailing for a Halloween sentiment that really pops off your pumpkin! We love the versatility of a monochrome colour palette when it comes to home decor projects – as they could fit with any colourscheme!

Trick or Treat:

Creepy Trick or Treat Halloween pumpkin idea

Want to create something really creepy this October? The devil is in the detail when it comes to recreating this frightfully fantastic Halloween pumpkin idea. Begin by coating your pumpkin in a layer of cream coloured paint (you may want to leave this to dry then apply another coat for a truly even coverage). Once this is dry, you can begin to add shadowy detail in the crevices of the pumpkin, by painting in some pale grey lines along each crease. When it comes to the brush lettering, you can use a sharpie or other permanent black marker to add your sentiment, then embellish it with creepy decorations… we just love Lou Collins’ bat and cobweb additions to this awesome design!


Black Halloween pumpkin idea

How about something really scary…? Here we turn the colourscheme on its head, and instead of adding the text in black – it’s added in white atop a midnight black background. To achieve this simple yet effective finish, apply a matt black paint to your pumpkin, then add your text using white acrylic paint. You may want to apply 2-3 coats of this to ensure the contrast is strong. For the perfect finish, add shadow detailing to your sentiment using a metallic silver marker.


Metallic Halloween pumpkin idea

Speaking of metallic…. here’s an eye-catching pumpkin idea for the glamorous amongst you! This gorgeous pumpkin has been coated in metallic paint for a super-shiny look, and really brings the phrase ‘Peek-a-boo, I see you!’ to life! Begin by adding the word ‘Boo’ using black acrylic paint or a black marker pen, then, once this is dry, use white paint to turn the last two letters into eyes! With this little project sitting out on your doorstep on Octber 31st, no-one will be able to walk past your house without that creepy feeling that they’re being watched… it’s perfect for Halloween!

Which of Our Halloween Pumpkin Ideas Will You Try?

All Halloween pumpkin ideas

We love each and every one of these spookily spectacular Halloween pumpkin ideas – it’d be impossible to choose a favourite! Is there one you love? Let us know in the comments below!

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