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DIY Halloween Jewellery: Web Wrapped Bat Motif [FREE Template & Video]

DIY Halloween Jewellery: Web Wrapped Bat Motif [FREE Template & Video]

Polish off your broomstick and get your pumkin carving tools at the ready – we’re preparing for Halloween… and this year, we’re leaving no stone unturned! A holiday traditionally dedicated to remembering the dead, today Halloween is widely regarded as a time for fun and creativity, as children prepare to spend the night trick-or-treating door to door, and adults enjoy costume parties, horror films and all things spooky! And when it comes to creating a spooktacular look for Halloween, we’ve a real treat for you! The talented Sarah Millsop is here with a frighteningly fabulous Halloween jewellery project that you can create at home, to ensure you look dead spectacular, whatever your Halloween plans…

You can use this beautiful bat motif to create  Halloween jewellery, home décor, gift-wrapping, or even to add some dimension to your cards and craft projects. Have fun with the finish, maybe add beads for extra colour, glue patterned card inside your shape, or design your own motif entirely! My Halloween jewellery project is perfect for crafters of all abilities – I’ll take you through some basic techniques that you can follow and get creative with! Sarah Millsop

Materials You’ll Need:

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DIY Halloween Jewellery: Beautiful Bat Motif

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Step 1:

Start with approx. 60cm of your 1mm thick wire. Use your round-nosed pliers to create a small loop at the very tip of your wire. Use your pliers to bend and mould the wire around the template provided (or free form your own design). Hold your wire over the template and use the tip of the pliers to hold each ‘bend’. Move the wire around the tips to create a curve. You can view our step-by-step video (above) if you need guidance with this.

Step 2:

Complete the shape by creating a loop at the end; this will sit directly over the starting loop, to give a nice curve at the base. Trim any excess wire.

Step 3:

Use your thinner wire to create a web-like effect over your wire form. Cut the wire into 60-70cm lengths. Wrap the very end of the wire around an edge of your wire form; it only needs 2-3 wraps and you can trim the little excess to make a smooth edge. Randomly wrap the wire around the form by securing to opposite sides and edges and wrapping around the thicker wire to hold in place if needed. Try to keep to the form shape and not to connect outside of it. Do this as many times as you would like until you achieve the desired coverage.

Step 4:

Create a little spider by using a bead with a large hole. Cut smaller lengths of wire for the legs (approx. 10cm). Double the wire through the bead and trim the legs to the same size. Do this 4 times to achieve the 8 legs. Using a longer section of wire, you can suspend the spider from the bat.

I really hope you enjoy this fun crafty make! Sarah Millsop

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