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Are Gravity-Defying Cakes Easier to Make Than You Think?

Are Gravity-Defying Cakes Easier to Make Than You Think?

Gravity-defying cakes have been all the rage for a while now and, surprisingly, they are incredibly easy to make. There are kits on the market to help you, but I’m using the old-fashioned method as it has never let me down before and it’s cheap to make! I’ve made a “Pick ‘n’ Mix” gravity-defying cake — the other spin on this is that I’ve created the sweets in sugar paste so they look like the real thing. This is great fun and very simple to do! Cassie Brown

Materials You’ll Need:

Step 1 – Gravity-Defying Mechanics

The magic of gravity-defying cakes is actually quite easy when you start thinking about the mechanics of it. Start by pushing the dowling rod into the top of the cake at a slight angle and then glue the paper bag to the top of the dowling rod. You want this to look like the bag is floating and the sweets are naturally falling out. Coat the rod with a thin layer of sugar paste and leave to dry a little.

The fun starts when you start making the sweets — there are so many to choose from. I recommend creating your favourite. I don’t really like sweets so I just made the ones I liked the look off. I’m more of a chocolate person!

Step 2 – “Gummy Teeth”

The first sweet I chose is gummy teeth. Roll a sausage of pink sugar paste (Wilton fondant) so it’s about 1cm thick by about 5cm long. Make the sausage shape into a long triangle shape and then turn your attention to the teeth.

Roll a sausage of white paste to a thickness of about 1/2cm wide by 4cm long. Hold it in the palm of your hand and, using the long side of the little palette knife in the Wilton tool set, roll the blunt blade gently over the sausage of paste to create small indentations about 5mm apart, going all along the sausage. Do not cut it, though!

Brush a little water along one side of the pink triangle and place the teeth on top. Gently squeeze the top of the teeth and put a slight curve into the pink paste to give a realistic look. All done!

Step 3 – “Black & White Liquorice”

My next sweet of choice was black and white liquorice. Take 3 balls of white paste and 2 balls of black paste and then roll them out to a thickness of about 1mm. Try to roll them into a square shape. Brush water onto the white paste and then add a black layer. Brush water onto the black layer and then add a white layer. Repeat this so that your layers are: white, black, white, black, white. Cut into 1cm squares and leave to dry. Simple!

Step 4 – “Pink Liquorice”

Next up, pink liquorice. Roll a sausage of black paste about 1/2cm thick and then roll out some pink paste so that it can be wrapped around the black. This needs to be about 1/2cm in thickness. Brush a little water over one side of the pink and all around the black sausage. Cut up the sausage, leaving a 1/2cm thick gap in-between each cut. Perfect!

Step 5 – “Fried Eggs”

“Fried eggs” are really easy to make. Start by taking some white paste about the size of a Malteser and squashing it into a slightly flattened shape — not too perfect. Take the orange paste and roll it into a ball about the size of a pea. Brush a little water onto the “egg white” and then push down the “orange yolk”. Round off the sides a little with your fingers. Too easy!

Step 6 – “Gummy Strawberries”

To make gummy strawberries, roll a ball of red paste about the size of a Malteser. Roll it into a cone shape and then press the 2 sides of the cone shape together to make the strawberry shape. Take a little sausage of green paste and attach it to the top of the strawberry. Squeeze this a little to create a stalk. I used the ball tool from the Wilton tool set to gently indent little marks all over the strawberry.

Step 7 – “Liquorice Bullets”

Lastly, I decided to make liquorice bullets, which are also incredibly easy to make. Simply roll out small balls of paste about the size of peas, and then roll those into sausage shapes. These can be made in a range of colours. Leave to dry and then dust a little Wilton white pearl dust across the sweets to finish the look!

Step 8 – Putting it All Together

Once the sweets are all dry, pipe a small amount to royal icing onto the back of each one and attach to the cake. Make sure you put some sweets in the bag and at the top of the dowling rod so they look like they are falling out. Then, place the rest of the sweets all over the cake.

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