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Gratitude Season: Simple Stamped Thank You Card

Gratitude Season: Simple Stamped Thank You Card

November is a month of gratitude — and what better way to embrace the season than with a handcrafted thank you card? This project uses the Rule of Uneven Numbers; read on to learn about it! Sara Naumann

You Will Need:

Design Tip:

Do you know about the Rule of Uneven Numbers for design? It’s a handy guideline that helps me decide how many elements to use on a card. Using uneven numbers is somehow more pleasing to the human eye, so I’m going with odd numbers of paper strips and embellishments. For example, I have 5 strips of paper on my card. With the sentiment and the twine (which can both “read” as stripes), I have 7 elements crossing my card front. Add to that the 3 pearl embellishments. Next time you have a card to make, try this guideline and see if it makes a difference to you!

Find the Printable Version of This Thank You Card Here!


1. Cut a 14.5cm square of white cardstock and stamp the sentiment at the bottom right corner with black ink.

2. Print two coordinating patterned papers from the Couture CD. Use the paper trimmer to cut a 2cm-wide strip of plaid and a 1cm-wide strip of scuffed stripes. Cut 1cm-wide strips of two book papers, and one from cork paper.

3. Align the paper strips on the white square as shown, and then glue.

4. Trim the edges even with the edge of the white square. Mat onto black card.

5. Wrap black twine around the piece, securing the ends to the back of the white cardstock. Tie a bow in black twine, as shown. Form a 15cm-wide card base from Kraft cardstock and glue the piece in the centre. Add pearl embellishments, as shown.

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