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Gorgeous Gold Wedding Decor Ideas: How to Glam it Up!

Gorgeous Gold Wedding Decor Ideas: How to Glam it Up!

Getting creative and crafting your own wedding decor is a great way to ensure you get to put your own personal stamp on one of the most important days of your life. But it can be tricky to know where to begin when looking for inspirational ideas to get the creative juices flowing! So we asked the talented Penelope Quinn to share her favourite gorgeous in gold wedding decor ideas, that you can craft yourself with just a little patience... and a lot of glitter! Discover everything from fun fashion hacks to stunning centrepieces that pack the wow-factor without costing the earth, and pluck your favourite ideas from the mix to create for your own wedding day... or to wave under the nose of that friend whose wedding is on the horizon!

Painted Pinecone Place Settings:

Painted pine cone gold place settings

Find some small pinecones and spray paint them gold! You can apply a couple of layers of spray paint for a complete finish, or spray paint one coat with the nozzle pointing down so you can still see some pinecone underneath. Finish by placing your name card in among the pines, using a small amount of hot glue to secure.

Mr and Mrs Painted Wooden Letters:

Table-top gold wedding decor

Spray paint your MDF letters gold, wait to dry, then apply a thin layer of Mod Podge and sprinkle a generous dose of glitter over one letter at a time. Wait 15 to dry, then shake off the excess. Seal with a coat of clear spray paint.

Rustic Upcycled Photo Frame:

DIY gold wedding decor welcome sign

Spray paint a large frame gold. Cut a piece of plastic perspex to fit the frame, and design your wording on a computer, to print out. Stick your print-outs to the back of the perspex using painter's tape as a guide. Use a white pen to create the outline, and fill in using acrylic paint. You’ll need about three coats!

Gold Leaf Candles:

DIY gold wedding decor candles

Apply a liberal coat of Mod Podge to the bottom half of the outside of your glass candle holder. Wait a minute or two until the glue feels tacky. Using the provided tissue paper, apply a few sheets of gold leaf to the bottom and around the middle of the candle. Use a damp soft cloth to gently pat down the gold leaf. Leave at least 30 mins to dry, before using a stiff paintbrush to remove the excess gold leaf.

Gold Leaf Plant Centrepieces:

DIY gold wedding decor centrepieces

Find a tree with big leaves on straight long branches. Cut off about 5 or 6 branches. Trim away excess leaves, so you have around 5 remaining at the top. Spray paint gold, (apply two or three coats) and place in a long vase. Pour loose pebbles into the base of the vase so you can position the leaves towards the middle.

Gold Painted Wine Cork Place Settings:

DIY gold wedding decor cork place settings

Use a small hacksaw to cut approximately 1cm down into the top of the cork. Dust away excess sawdust. Spray paint various shades of gold, and voila!

Gold Glitter Painted Shoes:

DIY glittered gold wedding shoes

Take a pair of white stiletto shoes and give the heel a light sand. Place masking tape around the cap at the base of the heel and on the sole. Paint the heel with a thin layer of Mod Podge, and pour on a generous amount of glitter, so the whole heel is covered. Wait 15 minutes to dry, and shake off excess. If there are any bits missing glitter, use a paintbrush to apply another layer of Modge Podge, and repeat the process until maximum sparkle has been achieved!

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