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How To Make Gold Leaf Decorated Easter Eggs

How To Make Gold Leaf Decorated Easter Eggs

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It's time to get creative for spring! Check out these easy techniques for applying gold leaf, and create stunning decorated Easter eggs ideal for glamming up this year's Easter egg hunt. Easy to make with minimum fuss, these beautiful Easter decorations deliver maximum impact - display them in your home once the fun's been had, to add instant spring charm!

DIY Gold Leaf Decorated Easter Eggs

Check out Penelope Quinn's tutorial video above, then scroll down for detailed step-by-step instructions on exactly how you can create this gorgeous project yourself.

Step 1:

Craft supplies you will need

Grab your craft supplies and clear your craft table - it's time to get creative for Easter with these gorgeous gold-leaf decorated eggs!

Step 2:

Decorated eggs tutorial step

Mix a ration of ¼ coloured paint to ¾ white paint. Give your eggs two coats of paint, letting them dry completely between each coat.

Step 3:

Paint the bottom half of 2 of the eggs with a thin layer of PVA glue. You can apply it quite liberally, don’t worry about being neat! Wait a few minutes until the glue feels tacky to touch.

Step 4:

Decorated eggs tutorial step

Rip off small sections of gold leaf, and gently tap onto the egg using your finger. Keep tapping until all the gold leaf has been smoothly applied. You can also use a lint-free cloth to get a smooth finish.

Step 5:

Decorated eggs tutorial step

Wait until the glue has dried, about 30 minutes. Now, dust off the excess gold leaf with a craft brush.

Step 6:

Alternative pattern tip

To make the striped and polka dot eggs, wrap double-sided tape around your egg, or apply the sticky dots. Repeat step 4.

Step 7:

Completed Easter project

Why not hide your newly decorated eggs as part of this year's Easter egg hunt? They're a great alternative to chocolate eggs - plus they double up as pretty Easter decorations for the home, too!

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