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The Accuquilt GO! Big

The Accuquilt GO! Big

Woo hoo! We’re proud to say we’re the first and only retailer in the UK to offer the BEST quilting machine in the market – the Accuquilt GO! Big, with total UK exclusivity of this brilliant, must-have machine.

accuquilt go big

This fully electronic fabric cutting machine lets you cut an entire quilt quickly and accurately, leaving you more time to dive into getting creative with your beloved masterpiece! Forget about manually cranking your dies, with the Accuquilt GO! Big you simply turn your machine one, offer your die, fabric and plate combination up to the machine and the GO! Big will automatically pass everything through the machine, giving you perfect cut outs! What’s more, The GO! Big has an extra wide mouth meaning you can pass 2 smaller dies through the machine at the same time, slicing that cutting time right down again so you can create even more!

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Accuquilt studies have proven it’s 90% faster than standard rotary cutters and scissors, so if you’re put off by the time consuming cutting elements of quilting then this will be the machine for you! Cutting multiple layers of fabric with just one pass, allows you to make the most of your material, meaning less fabric and more quilting – win, win!

If you would love to join the Accuquilt revolution, tune in for Members Accuquilt Craftinator 7pm Monday 17th October for the Accuquilt GO! Big Fabric Cutter Starter Set with 8″ Qube and 6×6 Mat with 25% off for Members!

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