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Make Your Own Garden Wind Chime: Step by Step Project + Video

Make Your Own Garden Wind Chime: Step by Step Project + Video

Crafting for the home is a fantastic way to combine one of your favourite hobbies with making your home a prettier place to be! And whilst the weather’s warm and we’re all enjoying spending long summer evenings in the garden, what better craft project to get stuck into than a DIY wind chime? Our lovely jewellery-making expert Sarah Millsop has taken a little break from the usual necklaces and bracelets to show you how to create this gorgeous handmade wind chime – and we think it’s simply stunning!  You could incorporate your own leftover beads, and follow Sarah’s step-by-step tutorial video to create your very own wind chime to hang in the garden this summer!

You will need an assortment of bells, buttons, beads and charms…anything to make your wind chime noisy and eye catching. It’s a really lovely way to add a little colour to your garden, and would make a beautiful personalised gift!

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Drill hoes through the top of your wooden frame at equally spaced intervals. I used a bead reamer, to keep the holes nice and thin. Keep to odd amounts for a more even finish.

Step 2:

Add a bead to a head pin and go through the drilled holes (top to bottom, the bead will sit on the top of the stick).

Step 3:

Bend the remaining pin at the bottom of the stick to 90degrees. Cut and leave 1cm and form a loop around your round nosed pliers.

Step 4:

You will need to make beaded chains out of your beads and eye pins. For each link, add a bead to an eye pin and repeat the ‘loop turning’ process. Bend the pin to 90 degrees directly next to the bead, and trim to leave 1cm from the bead. Use your round nosed pliers to replicate the loop on the other end of your eye pin, by molding it around the pliers.

Step 5:

To connect each of these beaded loops, take the open end of the wire and twist open with your flat nosed pliers, link onto another beaded pin, and close with a neat connection. If there are any gaps, you may find your beads will come off over time with the movement of the chimes.

Step 6:

If you have bells, buttons or charms to add onto your chime, use your jump rings rather than pins. Take a pair of pliers, twist the jump ring open, and add chosen pieces. Close the jumpring by twisting shut to secure, again, ensuring there is no gap between the link. You can ad these in between your beaded pins.

Sarah’s Top Tip:

Think about the finished design and how you would like it to hang. I chose to differ the lengths in mine and placed bells at various stages along the beaded chain for a little more sound. I laid all of the chains next to each other as I made them, to see how they looked at differing lengths, and adapted if I needed to as I went along. Odd numbers always work well for the amount of chains to add, as this will always give you a central focal point.

I hope you enjoy creating your own wind chime…and I can’t wait to see what you manage to use from your crafting stash!




DIY Wind Chime Video Tutorial:

If you think this is a fantastic way to work your way through your leftover beading stash, let us know in the comments below!

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