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Make Your Own Fox Inspired Wall Art

Make Your Own Fox Inspired Wall Art

This wise fox surrounded by autumnal foliage is the perfect starting point for a themed gift set that you can get cracking on ready for Christmas. The artwork is created using an ink wash and cut out by hand and would make a gorgeous focal point sitting over a mantlepiece, whilst the hoop art has an enchanting home-spun feel and perfect décor in a craft room. No time to make the set? Then rustle-up the greeting cards instead, they are brilliant for any occasion all through the year. A new design from Corinne Bradd!

Download and print the template to use as the basis for the design !

We Used:



Water based inks

Coloured Card

Embroidery Hoop 20mm

White Cotton Fabric


Mount Board

Scan N Cut Machine (optional)


Ink Washed Paper:

Step 1: Cut a sheet of watercolour paper to size and place on a protected work surface. Lightly spray both sides of the sheet with water and leave to soak in. If it starts to curl up, spray the concave side a little more.

Step 2 Brush diluted ink over the whole surface, then drip or splatter deeper shades of ink onto the sheet with a paintbrush. Allow the colour to spread, then blot the excess liquid off with kitchen roll.

Step 3 Check the look of your design and repeat the splattering process as desired. For more of a watercolour wash, use a soft wide brush to blend the inks in the same direction. If you want an opulent finish to your sheet, blend a little metallic ink over the surface to add a light sheen.

Step 4 Allow the paper to dry thoroughly and naturally if you can. Once it is barely damp, sandwich it between sheets of clean paper and press under heavy books to ensure it is flat. If you need to save time, iron on a low heat under a press cloth, flipping over regularly to prevent it curling


Foxy Frame

Step 1 Ink wash a sheet of A4 watercolour paper in shades of orange, pink and brown. When dry, trace the fox design onto the back with a soft pencil and use a sharp craft knife to cut it out. Take care if the paper is still slightly damp, as it could tear.

Step 2 Paste the back of the fox design with sufficient diluted PVA to coat but not soak, and lay cleanly onto a mount to fit the size of your chosen frame. Press down and wipe away any excess glue, before covering with clean paper and placing a book on top to keep it flat while the glue dries. Decorate the bottom right corner of the mountboard frame with flower and foliage designs cut from similar coloured card using an electronic cutting machine.


Hoop Art

Step 1 Press your fabric and trim into a large circle with pinking shears. Place in a wooden embroidery hoop and tighten to keep the fabric taut.

Step 2 Trim a fox design from orange textured card. Glue to pale cream card and cut out, leaving a narrow border. Mount the design
to the centre of the hoop using foam pads.

Step 3 Cut several foliage shapes from the same cream card, then add the elements to the lower right edge of the hoop, overlapping the fox design.


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