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Floral Felt Wall Hanging [+Free Templates!]

Floral Felt Wall Hanging [+Free Templates!]

It’s no surprise that felt has made a big comeback in the crafting world of late – this material is so easy to work with, particularly when it comes to creating floral home decor projects… which is why we just love this new tutorial from the talented Anna Jay! This pretty floral felt wall hanging can be created using either a glue gun or a sewing machine, and the results are simply gorgeous no matter what technique you opt for!

You Will Need:

Felt Floral Wall Hanging Tutorial:

Step 1:

Floral felt wall hanging tutorial step

Cut out all of the details, including the petals and template banner pieces. The numbers of petals shown on the printable pattern indicate the amount you will need to create one flower.

Step 2:

Floral felt wall hanging tutorial step

Prepare the banner piece; this can be done either with a glue gun or a sewing machine. Simply place the top piece on the bottom piece and either glue them or machine stitch together. Next, fold the top edge from the front to the back, in such a way that it’ll fit your wooden dowel. Glue in place, or machine stitch.

Step 3:

Floral felt wall hanging tutorial step

Start preparing the flowers by gathering white petals on one string of fabric. Repeat with the small purple petals. Gather rose petals with some overlap.

Step 4:

Floral felt wall hanging tutorial step

Pull the thread of the rose until the pieces are gathered and start rolling them from the middle, securing the petals in place by stitching them together or gluing.

For the lilac flowers, simply keep the pieces with the fringe folded in half and roll them, securing the shape with a thread or glue.

For the small purple flowers, pull the thread and form a flower, then secure the thread when you find the right shape.

For the white flowers, start by rolling a yellow middle part, and secure it with a thread or glue. Pull the thread to gather white petals, then start rolling them around the yellow piece, securing everything in place every so often.

For the leaves, pinch the round edge and stitch or glue it in place.

Step 5:

Floral felt wall hanging tutorial step

Put your flowers on the banner and organize them in the right way for a nice composition; you don’t have to copy the design shown here exactly… get creative!

Completed project

Once you’re happy with the layout, stitch or glue your flowers in place. Now put the dowel through, attach a cord and there you have it – your beautiful floral banner is complete!

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