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How To Make Cute Fleece Mittens!

How To Make Cute Fleece Mittens!

These cute fleece mittens are a fun project to undertake! They’re a very useful addition for a winter wardrobe for your toddler. You can make them out of a solid fabric or with some fun print. Another good idea is to add some applique, like cute little stars. Take a look at this tutorial from Anna Jay and give it a go for yourself!

You’ll need:

Note: Add a 3/8″ inches seam allowance to all pieces

Step 1

Pin the stars to the right side of a mitten top piece. Stitch them all around the edges. Repeat with the second mitten, placing the stars in a mirror like manner.

Step 2

Take the palm pieces and place them right sides together at the thumb, pin in place from one mark to another. Machine stitch, securing the stitch at the beginning and the end.

Trim the seam allowances and press them open. Repeat with the second mitten and lining pieces.

Step 3

Place the finished palm piece and put it on the top piece, right sides together. Pin it from the thumb upwards, moving along the curve, all the way to the bottom, securing the stitch at the beginning. Trim the seam allowance. Repeat with the second mitten and lining.

Step 4

For the fleece details only – mark the horizontal line for the elastic on the wrong sides. It should be somewhere around the wrist area (around 1,5 inches away from the edge of a mitten).

Step 5

Using a zig-zag stitch, attach the elastic on top of the marked line. Secure it in the beginning of the stitch, then pull it as you sew.

Step 6

To finish off the lining pieces, fold the thumb away, pin the remaining part and sew, securing the stitch at the beginning. Repeat with the fleece pieces.

Step 7

Turn the fleece detail inside out and put it inside the lining one, matching the seams. Make sure you use the left one for the left mitten and right one for the right mitten. Pin them at the edge seam, leaving the opening big enough to be able to turn it inside out. Stitch in place.

Step 8

Turn the mittens inside out and pin the edge in place. Topstitch, making sure you close and secure the remaining opening.

Finished project:

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