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5 Reasons Why You Must Make These Fidget Spinner Cupcakes

5 Reasons Why You Must Make These Fidget Spinner Cupcakes

Fidget spinners were designed to help children and adults with ADHD focus, but recently they’ve been taking the classrooms of the world by storm. This latest craze amongst kids so simple, yet so addictive. Children are well and truly addicted to the fidget fad — so what better to bake with them than fidget spinner cupcakes? They’ll go dizzy with excitement! If you need a little more convincing, here are 5 great reasons why you should make fidget spinner cupcakes, an interview with project creator, Cassie Brown, and the step-by-step project!

Reasons to Make Fidget Spinner Cupcakes #1:

Cassie Brown’s fidget spinner cupcakes are a kids’ party must-have. Remember those juvenile debates at school when you insisted that your birthday party was going to be better than anyone else’s in your class? Well, I think we’ve just found the winning bake for the bash.

Reasons to Make Fidget Spinner Cupcakes #2:

You will be the coolest parent or grandparent in town.

“What did you get up to at the weekend, Harry?”

“I baked fidget spinner cupcakes with my mum — and it was all her idea!”

Cha-ching. Instant cool points with the kids of the school. They’ll be fighting over who comes round to play next. (We’ll leave that up to you to decide whether that’s a pro or con…)

Reasons to Make Fidget Spinner Cupcakes #3:

It’s the school holidays. The kids are getting a little agitated and restless and you’re on the verge of tearing your hair out in despair. Fidget spinner cupcakes will keep them busy for an hour or so! They’re such a fun bake to crack on with and they’re pretty easy to make.

Reasons to Make Fidget Spinner Cupcakes #4:

Treat yo’self. And the kids, of course. We aren’t suggesting you wave these delicious cupcakes in front of their noses and then sprint to the car and lock the doors, mid-bite. Everyone deserves a treat every now and then. Is there much better than the classic sponge cake?

Reasons to Make Fidget Spinner Cupcakes #5:

You’ll have some good old fashioned quality time with the kids. When you’re working and they’re at school all day, it’s understandable to want a quiet night to unwind. But quality time with kids is so important for the both of you — and these cupcakes require skills from both adults and children. It’s a buddy bake — the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Cassie Brown’s Fidget Spinner Cupcakes

We’ve teamed up with Cassie Brown to introduce the kids craft project of the summer: fidget spinner cupcakes. She baked and decorated the cupcakes with her 11-year-old son, Harry, and wants to share her favourite Victoria sponge recipe and step-by-step fondant fidget tips.

“Kids love fidget spinners in-between their fingers, spinning at high speed! Harry, my 11-year-old son, is now collecting fidget spinners so he decided to help me make some cupcakes.”

“To decorate, I used Wilton’s Ready-Made White Decorator Icing and loved it! The consistency of this buttercream is amazing. I have always struggled with getting the right consistency, so I was very impressed… to the point where I think I will be up for the challenge of piping some buttercream flowers in a further project not too far away…”

What Do You Need to Make Fidget Spinner Cupcakes?

“Harry used the Gourmet Gadget Cupcake Maker – I find it a little safer than the oven! He uses it all the time and — touch wood — has never burnt himself. He also used my Kenwood Mixer to mix together all of the cupcake ingredients until they’re beautifully smooth.”

“Other products I recommend are Wilton’s Polka Dot Baking Cups, Piping Bags, Piping Tips, Decorator Preferred Fondant, Measuring Mat, Dust-N-Store Dusting Cup, and Circle Cutters.”

“To add colour to the fidget spinners, you could use Wilton’s Primary Food Writers. These edible pens are great for the kids to have a go; just simply get them to draw onto the spinners like they would if they were using normal felt tip pens. The second option is airbrushing. Harry has played with my Cake Decorating Airbrush and Compressor Kit several times before, but if your child has never had a go, let them have a little play on paper first.”

“Kids will love making these fidget spinners, especially colouring them in. You’ll be amazed at how simple your kids make airbrushing look. As long as you teach them to be gentle and that less is more, they’ll come up with some amazing designs. It’s quality fun!”

Read the Full Fidget Spinner Cupcake Project Here!

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