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Festive Hand Embroidery Pattern – with Free Template!

Festive Hand Embroidery Pattern – with Free Template!

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Get yourself Christmas-ready with this gorgeous festive hand embroidery pattern, designed by the crafty Kelly-Anne Jordan! Whether you’ve tried your hand at embroidery hoop art before, or this is your very first project, this pretty Christmas craft is a fun one for all abilities to get stuck into. You can check out our handy stitch guide right here for details of every stitch used, plus download our printable template to recreate this Christmas design at home! Check out the step-by-step instructions below, and grab your embroidery supplies to get started!

Festive Hand Embroidery Pattern Tutorial

Step 1:

Supplies you will need
For an 8” hoop cut fabric to approximately 10”x10”.

Step 2:

Hand embroidery tutorial step
Print out the pattern, and trace on to the centre of your fabric with a water-erasable pen. Next, put your fabric into the hoop, ensuring that it is taught.

Step 3:

Hand embroidery tutorial step
Use a back stitch or satin stitch (check out our handy stitch guide here) to trace your trees. I have used full strands (6) in navy blue for the front tree, then repeated the same stitch for the other 2 trees, in lighter shades of blue.  (For all of the stitches in this project, we will use a full strand.)

Hand embroidery tutorial step

Try to keep all the stitches on the front and the back lined up, and try to hide the loose ends behind the stitches.

Step 4:

Hand embroidery tutorial step

To create the effect of snow-covered branches, use a straight stitch on the top of the branches, in white.

Step 5:

To make the snowflakes, use 3 straight stitches crossed over one another as shown.

Step 6:

Now, remove your piece from the hoop and use a damp sponge to remove the water erasable pen marks, and leave to dry.

Step 7:

Hand embroidery pattern tutorial step

Once dry, put your piece back into the hoop and ensure that it is taught. Trim off the over-hanging fabric.

Step 8:

Hand embroidery tutorial step

Use a hot glue gun (carefully!) to attach the fabric to the hoop.

Hand embroidery tutorial step

Next, glue some twine around the hoop, back and front, for a rustic-style finish.

Hand embroidery tutorial step

Step 9:

Hand embroidery tutorial step

To complete the project, glue a bow to the top of the hoop and hang using the same ribbon.

Completed project

And that’s your festive hand embroidery pattern complete – now the only question left is where to hang it!

Finished project close-up

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