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How To Make A Fantastic Fox Ears Headband

How To Make A Fantastic Fox Ears Headband

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Here at Create and Craft, we’re all about encouraging imagination and creativity – whether that be through fancy dress, fairy gardens, or anything crafty in between! So we think this latest fantastic felt project from the talented Becky Cole is a must-make for anyone who has a fox cub or two at home, who likes to dress up! Check out the step-by-step tutorial below, and learn how to make your own awesome fox ears headband to encourage imaginative play.

Time to Make: 2-3 hours

Skill Level: Intermediate

You Will Need:

DIY Fox Ears Headband:

Step 1:

Fox ears headband tutorial step

Cut out the fox ear shapes from the felt and stick the pieces together with hot glue to create two fox ears, as pictured. Cut the bottom edges to make 3 tabs, and mark where the dotted fold lines are.

Step 2:

Fox ears headband tutorial step

Fold and crease the two side flaps along the dotted line, folding the tabs backwards.

Step 3:

Fox ears headband tutorial step

To attach the ears to the headband, pull the turned out tabs together to make a circular opening at the base of the ear. Add some hot glue to the underside of the tabs and stick them to the top of the headband to one side. (You can mark where you want the ears to go by putting on the headband first and marking the positions.) Glue the excess felt tabs to the underside of the headband. Finally, place a small amount of hot glue in the creases of the original folds made in step 2, on the outsides of the ear. Place your finger inside the ear and press down at the base until the glue sets. Repeat with the second ear.

Step 4:

Fox ears headband tutorial step

Twist some short lengths of floristry wire to create a long form that reaches between the outside edges of the ears with 6 ‘tails’. Glue the wire to the front of the headband at the base of the ears.

Step 5:

Fox ears headband tutorial step

Cut out several small and large ivy leaves from the mid-green felt, and some pointed oval leaf shapes from the dark green felt. Add a small dab of hot glue at the base of each leaf and squeeze closed to create a 3D leaf effect.

Step 6:

Fox ears headband tutorial step

To make the small roses, cut some circles, approximately 5cm in diameter, from the pink felt. Cut them into a spiral and, starting with the outside edge of the spiral, apply a small amount of hot glue and begin winding the felt around itself. Apply small amounts of glue as you go. You should finish with the centre circle of the spiral sitting nicely at the base of the rose. Glue this in place to give your flower a good base.

Step 7:

Fox ears headband tutorial step

To make the other small flowers, cut several large daisy shapes from the peach felt and small daisy shapes from the cream. Apply a small dab of glue on the centre of the large flower and fix the small flower to the centre. Apply another dab of glue to the centre of the flower and scrunch it up from underneath until the glue sets.

Step 8:

Fox ears headband tutorial step

Glue the ivy leaves to the wire with the larger leaves towards the headband and the smaller leaves towards the ends. You can position exactly where you want the wires to go later.

Step 9:

Fox ears headband tutorial step

Position your felt flowers and leaves and add in your silk flowers to give variety in texture. When you are happy with all of the placings, secure in place with some hot glue.

Step 10:

Fox ears headband tutorial step

If you use a large central silk flower as we have done, finish off by cutting two large points of felt from dark green to stick over the back of the flower, covering the messy flower back, and creating leaves at the top which show from the front.

Finished project

Once complete, hand over your craftily created fox ears headband to an enthusiastic little fox cub, and let the fun begin!

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