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Father’s Day Handprint Craft Ideas: Creates Something Gorgeous For Dad

Father’s Day Handprint Craft Ideas: Creates Something Gorgeous For Dad

Looking for Father’s Day craft ideas you can create with your little munchkins that are guaranteed to melt his heart? Look no further! We tasked the fabulous Sarah Cawood (and her two creative kids!)  to get handy with their craft supplies and come up with a gorgeous handprint design for Father’s Day. Check out their beautiful project below… and all the fun they had making it!

Dads – they’re blimmin’ hard to buy for on Father’s Day, aren’t they? They’re Flaming Pickles. Especially when, like most of us, you’re on a Bit Of A Budget. I would dearly love to gift my Baby Daddy with a first edition of his favourite book, or a rare Beatles LP for his collection but alas, my funds don’t stretch that far. So, time to think outside the box. And to be honest, I always think that a beautiful homemade piece of art is worth a thousand rare vinyls, because it has real heart and love poured into it.

Heartfelt Handprints!

So, I did what most self-respecting mums do when backed into a budget-present-buying corner: I took to Pinterest. Oh and Pinterest DELIVERED!  I found loads of cute ideas, but my favourites were the hand and footprint art that I could get our children to help me with.

I showed the kids the picture of what I wanted to do and bless them, they were very compliant when you consider that I basically said that we were going to do some hand print painting but they had to do it MUMMY’S WAY. I guess that’s one of the perks of them being slightly older. The downside of their advanced age (for finger painting!) is that their little hands are now actually too big to make a card with, so I revised my idea and we decided to make daddy a frame instead.

It was nervous times getting their little painted handprints in the right place but they smashed it…

Finishing Touches…

Next, time for the lettering. At times like this, I wish so hard that I was a dab-hand at calligraphy (I’m toying with the idea of doing a course).  I used some stickies instead and hand wrote a message from the kids in my best handwriting. It’s a good job the stickies were easy to re-stick because I messed up the placement initially… but I got it right eventually.

THEN came the most challenging part of this make for me: painting. I have NEVER been arty in my whole life. It is one of the things I will always be sad about and I am in awe of people who can draw, So drawing and painting the tree was a real challenge for me but I diligently copied from an image off the web and actually, it turned out OK. Van Gogh however, I ain’t!

I then let it dry overnight (tough for an impatient crafter like me. I must work on that: impatience and crafting are NOT good bed fellows) and framed it all up in the morning. When I showed the kids they thought it looked ace and, actually, I’m pretty pleased with it myself. Here’s hoping that Daddy is as impressed as we are!

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