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Father’s Day Crafting: A Wallet Full of Memories

Father’s Day Crafting: A Wallet Full of Memories

Looking for creative ideas you can craft for Father’s Day this year? Sure, making a Father’s Day card is a fabulous idea… but if you’re after something a little more unique, then we have the perfect project for you! We tasked the lovely Louise Dunbar to come up with a unique personalised Father’s Day gift idea, and as always, she’s crafted us something fabulous! Check out Louise’s fantastic Father’s Day craft project, and discover exactly how you can create your own, in her step-by-step tutorial below.

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Take your black card stock and trim to the following sizes:

  • 1 piece measuring 12”x 4” (wallet)
  • 1 piece measuring 4”x 2” (pocket)
  • 1 piece measuring 3”x 1” (fastener)

Step 2:

Take the piece measuring 12”x 4” and score along the long side at 4” and 8”.

Fold both sides in towards the middle.

Step 3:

On the front part of the wallet, stamp out ‘DAD’ using an embossing ink pad.  Pour over the embossing powder, tap off the excess (remember to pour the excess back into the tub, us crafters don’t like waste!) Then heat with your heat gun.

Step 4:

Take the piece of card measuring 4”x 2”; this will make the pocket.  Tape or glue along 3 of the sides (1 long side and the 2 short sides).  Then pop into place on one of the panels on the inside of the wallet, making sure you put the glued part at the bottom and have a pocket opening at the top.

Step 5:

Choose the photos you would like to add.  You can even get the kids to choose some of their favourites as well!  I printed mine from the computer, and printed at the wallet size option (9 to a page).  Once printed, cut around them using a paper trimmer, leaving a thin white border… then decide where to stick them!

I had a few extra ones, so I popped them into the pocket. Alternatively, you could get the kids to write a Father’s Day message, fold it up and put it into the pocket instead of photos.

Step 6:

Take the 3”x 1” piece of card you cut in step 1, and round the corners of one of the ends; this will be the front of the fastener.

Glue/tape the other end at the back of the wallet and curl the strip round to meet the front.  Using the velcro dots, adhere the rounded end to the front of the wallet.

And voila! Your Father’s Day crafty project is complete!

Have you begun crafting for Father’s Day yet? Let us know what creative ideas you have in the comments below!

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