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Father’s Day Crafting: Sarah Cawood Creates a Card for Grandad!

Father’s Day Crafting: Sarah Cawood Creates a Card for Grandad!

This week, Sarah Cawood has been preparing for Father’s Day, by remembering that it’s a day to celebrate EVERY daddy out there – including grandads. Check out her handmade Father’s Day card below, and just why she believes it’s so important to put the effort into giving handmade rather than shop-bought!

So Father’s Day is fast approaching, and although it’s slightly unconventional, we like to give Grandad a card on Father’s Day too. After all, he is Daddy’s Daddy and the GRANDADDY of our family. (We bought him a T-shirt last year, decorated with lots of DIY implements that said ‘If Grandad can’t fix it, we’re all screwed’… it’s much closer to the truth than you think!)

I now appreciate that a handmade card comes with so much more than just glue and sentiment: when I gave my Mother-In-law her lovingly handmade card on Mother’s Day she actually welled up. It was such a sweet reaction and made me realise how touched people are when you make the effort and take the time to do something special for them.

With that in mind, I set about thinking what might make a good card for my Father-in-Law. He’s a really keen gardener, so I thought I would have a go at making some paper rosette flowers. I checked out a tutorial on YouTube, and set about a make with my green card…

When I was researching the technique online however, NOWHERE did it say that you perhaps shouldn’t make them with card, which is just not malleable enough! As a result of this rookie error, my fledgling effort was an unmitigated disaster. Undeterred by failure, I simply parked my attempts until I had been to our local stationers and stocked up on some pretty, FOLD-ABLE coloured paper.

This time I had much more success! When I showed my crafty mum my make, she recommended I buy a scoreboard to make life easier, but to be honest, I quite enjoyed the folding under and over of the pretty paper: it was an almost meditative process.

Anyway, I was thrilled when it all started coming together, and I’m rather proud of the finished result. In fact, can I say that I’ve mastered another crafting technique?  (of the kazillions that I still have left to try!)

Here’s how it all unfolded (hahahahaha! I LOVE a pun!):

So I have mastered another crafting skill: making paper rosettes. I loved it! However, there were a few things that I wasn’t completely happy with about this make.

I want to investigate other ways of putting the recipient and the sentiment on the front of the card (embossing maybe? Or learning how to write using italics?). Also, I’m still not thrilled with the glue gun: it gives me instant adhesion but it leaves a trail oftentimes. Is there a secret glue all you crafty crafters use? Quick drying but extremely sticky and not too messy?

Of course, as ever, any crafting tips from you pros to a wet-behind-the-ears beginner here, are always welcome!

Anyway, Here is my card all finished bathed in the Spring sunshine.

Now I need to get cracking on Andy’s Father’s Day card but so far, I am at a loss for ideas so I’m off to scour Pinterest! Watch this space…

Sarah x

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