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Create a DIY Fairy House for the Garden!

Create a DIY Fairy House for the Garden!

Project Title

Invite the fairies to play, with this whimsical little cottage, made with items you can find in your own back yard! This fantastic little fairy house for the garden is a great way to engage the kids’ imaginations, as well as enjoy an afternoon of foraging and crafting.

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Fairy house for garden tutorial step

First, make your fairy door by gluing together lollipop sticks; to cut them to size, I used a pen knife. Next, build a simple frame for the door using more sticks.

Step 2:

Fairy house for garden tutorial step

Roll small amounts of air dried clay into sausages, and gently mould these to the door frame. Use a stamp or a pen to make intricate designs in the clay before it dries. Leave to dry for about an hour, then glue on your yellow door to the back.

Step 3:

Fairy house for garden tutorial step

Take your large terracotta pots, and glue a variety of sticks onto the outside. You might like to use sticks of different lengths and widths to get a variety of textures. Remember to leave some room to glue the door!

Step 4:

Fairy house for garden tutorial step

To make the roof, take some double sided tape, and apply around the top of the smaller pot. Attach leaves one by one. Work your way to the top of the pot, using strips of tape and layering leaves.

Step 5:

Fairy house for garden tutorial step

Glue the door to the house, and paint. Then place the roof on the house, and pop the house on top of two saucers. These will be your gardens. Slide the base underneath this, and now it’s time to decorate!

Fairy house for garden tutorial step

Use stones for the gardens, layer in some moss, add smaller terracotta pots with succulents, and adorn the house with pinecones and other bits. Get creative!

Step 6:

Finished project

Now there’s nothing left to do but leave your DIY fairy house in the garden, and wait for the fairies to find it!

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