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Papercraft Explosion Box Card

Papercraft Explosion Box Card

The explosion box have been a hot trend on Pinterest of late, and we think they’re a fantastic way to breath new life into traditional cardmaking! Why give someone a card, when you create something cool and kinetic… using all the same craft supplies?! This is a project where you can really let your creativity go wild; kids will also love the opportunity to add decorations, and little surprises! You could create one of these colourful exploding boxes for Easter, Mother’s Day, birthdays, and plenty more occasions!

You Will Need:

How to Make an Explosion Box Step-by-Step:

Step 1:

Start with the blue card. This will be the base of the exploding box. Mark out 14 cms from each corner, and use a ruler to draw a grid. Your paper should now be divided into 9 even squares.

Step 2:

explosion box tutorial image

Using a pen knife or scissors, cut out the corner squares, so you end up with a t-shape. Use a ruler to fold each side into the middle, and score the crease.

Step 3:

explosion box tutorial image

Decorate the base using card stock and ribbon. Use double sided tape to attach four small chocolate eggs to the top of each side. The weight of the eggs will help the box ‘explode’ when it’s opened.

Step 4:

Take your pink card, and and measure 12 cms from each side. Cut, and score the creases just as you did with the blue card.

Step 5:

explosion box tutorial image

Decorate this layer with more card stock and any other embellishments you like. This layer can be a little more ‘3 D’ so I used chocolates, frames, buttons, and silk butterflies to give it some depth.

Step 6:

Take your purple card and repeat steps 1 and 2, this time measuring 10 cms in from each corner.

Step 7:

explosion box tutorial image

This will be your final layer, so really get creative with the decorations! I made a plinth using a small piece of polystyrene (which was around 5cm in width and length and 3 cm deep) and covering it with a piece of green felt.

explosion box tutorial image

Doll house fence panels are perfect for a cute garden touch. Add a small terracotta pot, and fill with chocolate eggs.

Step 8:

To make the bunny, cut out little ‘feet’ from white foam, and use the pink foam to make toes and feet pads. Take your white pom pom, and glue on the feet using a glue gun, and a small pink pom pom for the tail. Glue this onto the rim of your terracotta pot so it looks like the bunny is diving for eggs!

Step 9:

Next, make your chick pegs. I used two small yellow pom poms, glued on some beads for the eyes and yellow triangle for the beak, then hot glue gunned them to mini pegs. Glue two of these onto one flap, and use the pegs to hold a piece of paper or a message.

Step 10:

Use Scrabble or foam letters to spell out Happy Easter, and add any other embellishments you like!

Step 11:

explosion box tutorial image

Now make the lid by take a piece of cardboard measuring 27 by 27 cms. This time, measure 6 cms in from each side, so the inside panel measures 15 cm. This will be the top of your box, which I made slightly bigger to make room for the burlap ribbon. Draw your grid. Only cut the line on the right of each corner. Score all your lines, and glue each flap to the inside of the box. Use pegs to secure until dry.

explosion box tutorial image

Step 12:

explosion box tutorial image

Attach a burlap ribbon and bow.

Step 13:

explosion box tutorial image

Lay out the blue layer, use a glue stick on the base, and then place the pink on top. Repeat with the purple layer.

Step 14:

explosion box tutorial image

Now fold up all the sides, and place your lid on top. When you open up your explosion box, the sides will ‘explode’ with delightful Easter surprises!

Penelope’s Top Tips:

  • I found double sided tape was perfect for attaching the chocolate eggs.
  • Used wrapping paper and old cards you’ve kept are perfect for this project!
  • This is a great craft to do with young ones. Just pre-cut the card, and let them go to town decorating!

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