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5 Awesome Egg Decorating Ideas!

5 Awesome Egg Decorating Ideas!

Awesome Egg Decorating Ideas Title

Easter is fast-approaching, and brings with it a fantastic excuse to get creative! Crafters of all ages love to get involved in Easter craft projects, which is why we think you can never really have too many egg-citing craft ideas up your sleeve at this time of year! This latest project from the fabulous Penelope Quinn not only provides a fun-filled afternoon for the family, but will also enable you to add some colour and sparkle to your windowsills as you prepare to celebrate Easter. Check out her awesome egg decorating ideas below, and try your favourites! Do you have any other ideas for decorating eggs at Easter? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

5 Awesome Egg Decorating Ideas For Easter:

You Will Need:


1. Galaxy eggs:

Galaxy egg decorating idea

Dab a combination of black, purple, turquoise and blue acrylic paint onto your egg, using a stiff paintbrush or sponge. Use a fine tipped brush to apply small white dots for the stars.

2. Bunny eggs:

Adding tissue paper designs

Print bunnies and butterflies onto tissue paper. Carefully cut out, and apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to your egg, where you want to place your design. Gently apply using a brush, and finish with another layer of Mod Podge.

3. Gold leaf eggs:

Gold leaf egg decorating idea

Brush the bottom half of your egg with PVA glue. Wait a few minutes until tacky, then apply the gold leaf. Wait at least half an hour to dry, then remove excess gold leaf with a stiff brush.

4. Dot eggs:

Adding a dotty design

Use a cotton bud to apply dots of colour, leaving each layer to dry before applying the next. Use 3 to 4 colours.

5. Marbled eggs:

Marbled egg decorating idea

Use spray paint to achieve this effect! Simply spray two colours of your choice onto the surface of a bowl of warm water. Put the nozzle very close to the surface of the water, and press half way down. You can marble the paint with a skewer, then slowly roll the egg over the paint. To learn how to do this using your old nail varnish collection, check out our step-by-step tutorial right here!

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