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Quick and Easy Rainbow Keyrings to Make at Home!

Quick and Easy Rainbow Keyrings to Make at Home!

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These colourful  rainbow keyrings are the perfect project to get the kids excited about going back to school! Easy to make at home with just a handful of craft stash supplies and no sewing expertise whatsoever, these fun little designs can be added to school bags to add instant colour and cheer… and crafting them is a great way to fill an afternoon stuck at home, in the meantime. Check out Penelope Quinn’s tutorial below, and start making!

You Will Need:

Craft supplies you will need

Step 1:

Rainbow keyrings tutorial step

First, cut your base shapes out of stiff felt; you’ll need two of each. I found some images of a unicorn, an ice cream and a cloud online, traced them onto paper, then transferred them to the felt and cut them out. You could also use a ScanNCut to speed up this process! You’ll also need 4 circles that will fit inside your ice cream, a cone out of pink felt, and two blue clouds, slightly smaller than the ones you have cut.

Step 2:

Rainbow keyrings tutorial step

Cut around 12 5cm lengths of ribbon, and glue these, one by one, onto the base of one of the clouds. To glue the embroidery thread onto the unicorn, take 10 or so strands of each colour, and glue them down. Finish by gluing the other unicorn on top.

Step 3:

Rainbow keyrings tutorial step

Now glue the other pieces on top, leaving a bit of space at the top of each to insert your key chain. Glue down the other pieces of coloured felt on top.

Step 4:

Rainbow keyrings tutorial step

Now it’s time to decorate! Use spinning eyes, bits of black embroidery thread to make eyelashes, and a mouth, and get creative with sequins on the clouds and as ‘sprinkles’ for the ice cream.

Step 5:

Rainbow keyrings tutorial step

Finally, take a key ring, and attach it to some chain. Wedge it in between the felt at the top where you left space, and use plenty of hot glue.

Rainbow keyrings tutorial step

Now you have all your bright and beautiful rainbow keyrings complete, you can set about adding them to coats and schoolbags to add colour and cheer!

Need more crafty ideas on how to keep the kids busy at home? No problem! We’re always adding projects, tutorials and crafty ideas right here!

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