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Easy Fondant Rose Tutorial: Stunning Sugarpaste Roses Made in Minutes!

Easy Fondant Rose Tutorial: Stunning Sugarpaste Roses Made in Minutes!

Cake Decorating Tutorial Title

Whether you want to create an impressive birthday cake, or a showstopper of a wedding cake, getting the cake decorations perfect is crucial! But if you're nervous about getting creative with the fondant, then we've an incredible little hack you're going to LOVE. Introducing The Easiest Rose Cutter: your new best friend when it comes to cake decorating! We gave one to baking enthusiast, Clowance Lawton, to show just how easy it is to create a beautifully decorated cake with this little tool in your arsenal. Check out her fondant rose tutorial below, and learn exactly how to create stunning sugarpaste roses that look far too good to eat!

  • TREX
  • Cornflour
  • Flower paste or a 50/50 mix of sugarpaste and modelling paste
  • Edible Glue
Cake Decorating Tools You Will Need:

Easy Fondant Rose Tutorial:

Step 1:

Fondant rose tutorial step 1

Roll out your paste to 1/2mm thickness on your non-stick rolling mat, and cut out the paste using the FMM cutter.

Step 2:

Fondant rose tutorial step 2

Use the metal ball tool the thin the edges, to give more realistic petals.

Step 3:

Fondant rose tutorial step 3

Brush a line of water using your paintbrush, above the centre line as shown.

Step 4:

Fondant rose tutorial step 4

Fold in half and press firmly along the fold. Brush another line of water along the bottom edge.

Step 5:

Fondant rose tutorial step 5

Roll the paste tightly from one end to create the centre of the rose.

Step 6:

Fondant rose tutorial step 6

Keep rolling and shape the petals/ fold them over as you go. The bigger the rose the more folded over/ shaped the petals should be as the rose “fans” out.

Completed step 6

Step 7:

To make the rose larger, repeat steps 1-7 and add to the previous rose.

Fondant rose tutorial step 7

Step 8:

To stick roses to the cake, cut off excess paste with a sharp knife and brush edible glue onto the base.

For smaller buds and roses, cut the paste diagonally in step 1, and repeat steps 1-7.

Tip for creating smaller buds

Top Tips:

  • Use Trex to keep your paste supple.
  • When you’re not using paste, wrap it in clingfilm so it doesn’t dry out.

Did You Know?

Fondant is the same as sugarpaste. It is just an Americanism!

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