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Quick and Easy Christmas Craft Ideas

Quick and Easy Christmas Craft Ideas

We’ve compiled all our favourite quick and easy Christmas craft ideas right here, so that it’s super easy for you to feast your eyes on some festive inspiration ahead of the big day! At Create and Craft, we know that crafting for Christmas is one of the most exciting endeavors on a crafter’s to do list – but there are plenty of people out there who are perhaps less experienced at crafting, still keen to give it a go! Which is why we thought it was about time we shared some simple Christmas crafts that needn’t take hours, but will enable you to make some gorgeous decorations, giftwrap, gift tags and more, ahead of the big guy in red’s arrival!

Create Your Own Wrapping Paper:

Christmas Craft Ideas: wrapping paper

Kraft paper is a super stylish and more environmentally friendly option than standard festive wrapping paper – and it’s totally customisable! So you can kiss goodbye to those garish printed papers stacked high at the supermarket, and prepare to hand over some awesome-looking gifts this Christmas, with a little bit of crafty ingenuity and some well tied twine! Why not create your own festive gift wrap by stamping your Kraft paper  with all your favourite festive designs? Alternatively, you could keep it plain and simple, and add a statement bow with a brightly coloured ribbon, or add a crafty finish with a handcrafted gift tag. Oh, speaking of handcrafted gift tags…

Handcrafted Gift Tags:

Christmas Craft Ideas: kraft tags

Add a personal touch to your gift tags this year buy stocking up on plain tags and embellishing them with bits and bobs from your craft stash! This is a GREAT way to use up all those coloured paper scraps, odd buttons, beads and sequins, and even unleash a little creativity with your favourite pens and pencils! If, like us, you hate to see crafty leftovers go to waste, then turn the things in your crafty bits and bobs box into snowmen, holly leaves, reindeer and more! There are so many Christmas craft ideas you could bring to life on these simple little tags – you could make each one unique!

Christmas Craft Ideas: kraft tags




DIY Baubles:

Christmas Craft Ideas: DIY baubles

These baubles are oodles of fun to craft, and you can be as free and creative with your design as you like! All you need to get started is a pack of polystyrene balls and some craft glue – what you add to the mix is totally up to you. These baubles have been created by wrapping festive coloured twine around polystyrene balls, then embellishing with pretty buttons and ribbons. Once again, this is a great way to utilise your box of crafty leftovers!

Felt Christmas Decorations:

Christmas Craft Ideas: felt Christmas decorations

At Create and Craft, we just love felt as a crafty material – it’s soft, bright, durable and so easy to use – which it makes it a fabulous choice for crafting Christmas decorations with! If you want to make your own Christmas decorations using felt, you can get as creative (or keep it as simple!) as you like. Traditional shapes include, square gifts, round baubles, triangular Christmas trees, gingerbread men and more – simply draw out your shape on a piece of paper or card, then cut it out to create a template. You can then use your template to cut identical front and back panels for your felt decoration, then sew these together, and stuff the inside before you complete the seam. Create as many as you like, and turn them into baubles, bunting and more!

Christmas Craft Ideas: felt Christmas decorations

Papercraft Christmas Puppets:

Christmas Craft Ideas: Christmas puppets

Not only are these festive little stick puppets super cute, but they’re also a fantastic way to keep little hands busy in the run-up to Christmas. Getting tired of scraping the children off the ceiling this year? Engage them in some Christmas crafting and keep them occupied until the big guy in red finally delivers! All you need is some coloured card, scissors, glue and lolly sticks, and you’re away! Challenge the children to create Santa, Rudolph and an army of elves, and when the crafting’s complete they’ll have plenty to play with, too! Maybe the children have some Christmas craft idea sof their own… challenge them to come up with their own Christmas characters and put on a puppet show!

Gingerbread Christmas Treats:

Christmas Craft Ideas: edible Christmas decorations

Here’s something the whole family are bound to get on board with – edible Christmas crafting! That’s right, you needn’t limit your Christmas crafting portfolio to things you can create out of card, paper and fabric – crafting happens in the kitchen, too! Try baking some simple gingerbread or shortbread shapes, and stringing them up with ribbon or twine to create gorgeous tree decorations.  Be warned though – peckish pets may sabotage your efforts, and should not be left unsupervised with tempting treats such as these!

Letter to Santa:

Christmas Craft Ideas: letter to santa sewing

Have you even thought about your Christmas wish list yet? No? We bet the small people in your life have! Check out this fantastic Christmas sewing project for children – it’s bound to get them more than a little excited as they dream about all the demands they can send to the big guy in red… View the full project right here.

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