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Easy Autumn Crafts: The Season To Cuddle Up And Get Creative

Easy Autumn Crafts: The Season To Cuddle Up And Get Creative

There’s something about the onset of autumn that really gets our creative juices flowing. Perhaps it’s because we’ve spent all summer long outside and we’re now itching to get back at the craft table, or simply that the shorter evenings are leaving us craving a super-snug quilt, a mug of something warm, and some super stylish mood lighting! Either way, this blog post aims to get you perfectly set up for a crafty autumn ahead! We’ve collated our pick of easy autumn crafts for you to have a look through, and try your hand at!

Autumn Crafting title

Step-by-Step Autumn Wreath:

Autumn Wreath Project title

This gorgeous autumn wreath project is one you’re going to LOVE. Why? Because not only can you create your own beautiful autumn deco mesh wreath… but you can easily change it up throughout the seasons! The trick to this is using wire instead of glue to attach your decorations. Once it’s time to turn your autumn wreath into a Christmas wreath, just unwrap and add different coloured ribbons and embellishments to suit the holiday. Crafting has never been so easy (or so much fun!) Click here to check out the full autumn wreath project with video.

Step-by-Step Autumn Quilt:

Autumn quilt project title

With the cool breezes and early evenings of autumn beginning to make an appearance as the summer months slowly draw to a close, we can’t stop thinking about how we can spend more time cuddled up indoors under our favourite autumn quilts! There’s no better way to enjoy a Create and Craft show, than wrapped up snug as a bug under a soft and cuddly quilt, hot drink in hand, and chocolates at the ready! So what better time than the present to get that autumn quilt project well and truly under way? Follow the step-by-step instructions below, and create a luxurious quilt to snuggle up underneath! You could even make more than one, and give them as gifts at Christmas… that’ll keep you occupied until the sun returns in spring! Click here to view the project and learn how to create your very own slumber statement piece!

Illuminated Glass Jar:

Autumn Glass Jar Light project title

Perfect for brightening up a dark corner, or adding extra illumination to an early autumn evening, this gorgeous glass jar decoration is fun to create and an easy autumn craft project, as well as being simply gorgeous to keep on display all year round! Create more than one and you could use them to brighten up garden parties, dotted on tables at big events like weddings, or simply to add a cosy vibe to bedrooms and living rooms for snuggly evenings in and grey, rainy days. Click here to learn how to brighten up your world!

Colourful Crochet Coasters:

Autumn Crochet Coasters Project title

As soon as Autumn hits, we certainly think it’s only right that we draw your crafty attention to all things soft and snug – but soft and snug needn’t just be reserved for fashion and blankets! If you fancy yourself handy with a crochet hook (or even if you’re a newbie to crochet!) then you’ll just love these gorgeous crochet coasters! And the good news? Not only are they a gorgeous way to add a little comfort and vibrancy to your home decor this autumn, but they’re pretty straightforward to make, too! Discover exactly how to create your own crochet coasters right here.

Enjoyed our selection of easy autumn crafts? Let us know your favourite crafty way to spend an autumn afternoon, in the comments below!


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