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How to Make an Easter Wreath [+ Tutorial Video!]

How to Make an Easter Wreath [+ Tutorial Video!]

This gorgeous burlap Easter wreath is the perfect way to add style to your doorstep this spring! It’s a fantastic Easter crafting project for kids and adults alike – let your creativity take over and imagine all the bespoke flourishes you could add to your own Easter wreath!

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You Will Need:

How to Make an Easter Wreath:

Step 1:

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First, wrap your wreath with the burlap ribbon, so it’s completely covered. Use a hot glue gun to secure the ribbon to the foam. If you need to, use another piece of burlap to finish where the ends meet, so it looks neat.

Step 2:

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Take your bunny and diorama egg, and paint white. You’ll need around three coats for a smooth finish.

Step 3:

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Once your diorama egg is completely dry, mix a small amount of blue paint with the white – you want a nice pastel blue colour. Paint the inside of the egg.

Step 4:

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Now your bunny is dry, glue a strip of ribbon around the neck, along with a small bow. Add a white pom pom for the tail.

Step 5:

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Now you can make your chicken by gluing the larger pom pom to the smaller one. Add some black eyes and a orange beak to the smaller pom pom using coloured paper. Place the finished chick inside the egg with some chocolate Easter eggs!

Step 6:

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Make your bunting by taking the pastel coloured card, and cutting out 11 flags. Use a black pen to write Happy Easter on the flags.

Step 7:

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Glue the flags onto the twine using your glue gun; make sure you leave plenty of twine either side of the flags, so you can glue it to the wreath.

Step 8:

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Now it’s time to build your wreath! Use a hot glue gun to attach the twine on the bunting to the top third of the wreath. You can also use the hot glue gun to attach the bunny and the plastic shrubbery to the wreath. Make a small hole in the middle of the shrubbery (use a pen knife if you need to remove some of the leaves) and glue your egg into the middle.

Step 9:

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Finally, turn over your wreath and glue on a 15cm length of ribbon across the top of the wreath so you can hang it.

Step 10:

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You’re done! Hang on your door and wait for the Easter bunny to arrive.

Top Tips:

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If you feel like the bunny is too heavy to attach to the wreath with hot glue, drill two a small holes into the back of the MDF bunny near the head, and attach to the wreath using wire or twine.

Make sure each coat of paint is completely dry before you add more paint. Use a hairdryer to speed it up if it’s a wet or cold day.

Paint your bunny any colour you like!

For the shrubbery, I used a small plastic topiary tree I found at a thrift store.

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