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Easter Tree Decorations: Fabulous Felt Eggs by Debbie Shore!

Easter Tree Decorations: Fabulous Felt Eggs by Debbie Shore!

If you’re ready to start crafting for Easter and need some inspiration – look no further! Debbie Shore is here with a gorgeous Easter project for you to get creative with. Learn how to sew pretty felt Easter eggs you can use to add colour and cheer to your Easter Tree, or hang all around your home. These gorgeous Easter Tree decorations are great fun for adults and children alike to get creative with… use Debbie’s free templates, or come up with your own designs!

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Debbie Shore’s Hanging Easter Tree Decorations:

What a relaxing way to spend time sewing – no noise from the sewing machine, and quick projects that the kids will love making for Easter… plus a good opportunity to use your hand embroidery skills! Try cutting the egg shapes with pinking shears for a decorative effect.

You Will Need:

Step 1:

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To make the daffodil decoration, cut out two egg shapes. Cut six yellow petals, then a 4” x ¼” strip of orange felt with pinking shears.

Step 2:

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Arrange the petals over one of the egg shapes and sew with embroidery thread.

Step 3:

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Roll up the orange strip and secure with wet glue. Adhere to the centre off the petals. Sew a stalk with green embroidery thread using a back stitch, then sew a couple of leaves to one side of the stalk.

Step 4:

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Fold the ribbon in half and glue to the top back of the egg. Place the two felt egg pieces together and blanket stitch around the edge, leaving a small gap for stuffing. Don’t remove the needle, pop a little toy filler inside, then continue sewing. Add the button to the top of the egg when you’ve finished.

Step 5:

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To make the bunny egg, cut two egg shapes, and a 4” x ½” length of white felt and snip into one side to make a fringe. This will make the bob tail.

Step 6:

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Cut out three small egg shapes, arrange over one of the large egg shapes, and sew. Try using French knots, running and zig-zag stitches.

Step 7:

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Place bunny over the top and sew. Roll up the tail piece and glue to bunny’s bottom.

Step 8:

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Add the ribbon as before, blanket stitch around the edge, and stuff as above. Finish off by adding the small button.

Step 9:

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I added a lazy daisy stitch to the chick egg, with a little blusher on the cheeks to add character!

Step 10:

Felt eggs project image

The leaves for the tulips overlap the edge of the egg, fold them out of the way when blanket stitching.

Step 11:

Easter tree decorations image

You’ll now have four eggs, why not make more, and sew yourself an Easter Egg tree!

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