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DIY Easter Exploding Box Card: The Best Way To Wrap Easter Chocolate

DIY Easter Exploding Box Card: The Best Way To Wrap Easter Chocolate

Looking for a creative way to craft for Easter? This Easter exploding box card provides the perfect way to giftwrap Easter chocolate, and is a fantastic Easter project for cardmaking enthusiasts to get stuck into! Follow Penelope Quinn’s step-by-step tutorial to create your own… and let us know in the comments what you’ll be putting inside yours!

What could be better than opening a box on Easter morning to find layer upon layer of decadent treats left by a generous bunny? This fantastic Easter exploding box project leaves itself wide open for creative touches… play around with different colours, themes and decorations to make it a gift the Easter Bunny would be proud of! Make it for yourself, a family, or a class of children… the possibilities are endless!

Maker: Penelope Quinn @craftygirllifehacks

Difficulty: beginner

What You Need:

Easter Exploding Box – Instructions:

Step 1:

Project image

Take the lid off your box, and carefully cut down the corner creases with a pen knife so your box lays completely flat. If there are any untidy bits, you can clean these up with sandpaper or with your pen knife.

Step 2:

Easter exploding box card project image

Paint all the boxes in different pastel colours. Paint on both sides, and don’t forget the lid!

Easter exploding box card project image

Leave to dry, and give everything a second coat.

Step 3:

Easter exploding box card project image

You’ll now have four different ‘layers’ to decorate. Get creative using cardstock, ribbon, and washi tape. You may like to give each layer a different theme!

Step 4:

Easter exploding box card project image

Use double-sided tape to secure your chocolate wrappers to the sides of each box. Place a small chocolate in the middle of the smallest box.

Step 5:

Easter exploding box card project image

Decorate the lids with ribbon, and secure a large burlap ribbon bow to the largest lid.

Step 6:

Easter exploding box card project image

Now, stick the base of each box to the next, starting with the largest layer and working your way up to the smallest.

Step 7:

Finished project image

Place on all the lids, and you’re done! Give to someone you love… and watch the surprise as they open the box!

Top Tips:

Take your boxes with you when you buy the chocolate, so you can play with different sizes and make sure they fit in the boxes!

Make sure that there is at least a few centimeters of space between each box so that when they are stacked inside each other, the chocolate fits.

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